2 Players Pandora Retro Box 6S Home Arcade Game Console

BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe

  • Brand
  • Product Name
    Pandora Box Arcade
  • Games
    1388 in 1 Retro Video Games
  • Game Board
    Pandora's Box 4 / 4S
  • Player
    1P or 2P Both Can Play
  • Feature
    DIY Joysticks & Buttons
  • Output Connector
    HDMI / VGA / USB
  • Net Weight
    2.9 KG
  • Console Size
    65*21.5*7 (L*W*H)
  • Price
    Ex Work Price

Pandora Box Acrade Feature

It is a game console for home, there are 1388 games inside and it has Classic Boxing KOF Series, Iron Fist Series, Street Fighter Series and so on. With this console,you can play games at home at any time. There is VGA cable to connect to the TV or screent, USB, VGA and HDMI output. Have USB connector, with Pause function. 5kg light weight, easy portable. Many body picture is available, can be customized. Joystick ball color and push button color is available (red, yellow, blue, green, white, black).

BLEE's Pandora Box Acrade Advantage


High Quality Materials

Acrylic Panel: Artistic, wear-resisting & durable

Metal Base: Light & durable 

Bottom: Non-slip Suckers 

BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe-1
Joysticks, Buttons & Horns

Sanwa joystick: 8 way, flexible operation

Sanwa push button: Zero Delay & durable

Horns: 8ohms 5watts, good sound quality

Let's Plug And Play

Smooth game experience and realistic menu

Design Selection. Welcome Your Photo / Pictures LOGO / Letters

BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe-2
We also can make the design according to your pictures
BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe-3
Customization time is within 1 week, please kindly note it.

Pandora Box Acrade Interface

BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe-4

1. Power switch.

2. DC12V power adapter input interface.

3. HDMI video output interface, suitable for HD computer moni tor,TV etc.

4. VGA video output interface, suitable for computer monitor ГV(with VGA connector), projector etc.

5. Audio for earphone and speaker.

6. Audio volume, adjustable left down, right up.

7. Setting button.

8. USB connector, can connect PC and play online.

Accessories Complete, Variety of Power Plug, Professional Packaging

BLEE-High-quality Pandora Box 3 Arcade | Sfwetwe-5

1x Pandora Game Box

1x HDMI Cable

1x VGA Cable

1x USB Cable

1x Power Cable

1x User Manual

Choose Suitable Plug

Product packaging double reinforcement 360 degree protection

If there is any doubt or interested in our product, please be FREE to contact or send your inquiry.

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