Newest Outdoor Spin Arcade Carnival Booth Games Machine

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Game description;

1. After the game starts, the turntable rotates with the music, and each player buys ferrules at the price set by the venue owner (5 laps 10 RMB/10 laps 20 RMB, 20 laps 30 RMB), etc. The price can be placed in gift value To determine the charging standard, the items in the trap in the hands of the player are prizes.2. A staff member is required to be on site to start the game. Players should stand outside the specified range to play a circle game. It is recommended that the standing position is about 1 meter away from the machine, and the player cannot cross the designated position, otherwise the game result will be invalid.3. When multiple players are playing at the same time, you can distinguish which player has won the prize according to the color of the ring (10 colors will be distributed at random)

Product Description;

1. The lucky ring machine is equipped with a remote control, which supports playing songs in MP3 format. There are nursery rhymes inside and supports SD card playback.2. Input voltage 220V/50HZ, output current 0~12A, time adjustment 1~10 minutes, counting 1~9999 times; product weight: 180kg; length, width and height: 220.3cm*220.3cm*200.5cm.3. Intelligent voice, support 4 groups of analog sound (octave gun/car horn sound/gun sound/animal call) output.4. Support external LED flashing light.5. On top (Crystal Magic Ball). Technical parameters: power supply: AC220V 50Hz; rated power: 50w; light source: LED nine-color lamp beads; control mode: self-propelled mode, sound control mode; motor mode: static mode, uniform rotation mode.

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