This Pandora Box Arcade series with CE certificate, which houses a Pandora box 4 / 4S, Pandora box 5 / 5S, Pandora box 6S, JAMMA game board, is neatly packaged in a rectangle housing that is twice as big as the Hori or Razer arcade fight sticks available in the market. The shift from arcade cabinets to LAN-based PC gaming / home consoles, together with the falling price of technology, has enabled us to own our personal arcade system at home.

Welcome to customize your LOGO, pictures & letters. There are artwork design team in BLEE. We can also print your photos on the console panel.

Promotion Now!!! If you buy 10 pieces at one time, we will give you extra joystick or buttons for free or other discount.

More information about discount, Please contact us or leave a message.

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