How Do Coin Acceptors Work?

Coin acceptors and banknote acceptors have been used for various self-checkout applications over the years.

However, as much as these magic machines make our work easier and save time, we never take time to think about how they operate so effortlessly without any human assistance. This article will briefly shed light on the process that is involved in currency acceptance with a focus on coin acceptor.

What is a coin acceptor?

A coin acceptor is a device that is used in automated machines for accepting coins in exchange for goods or services a business is offering. Coin acceptors can be found in most vending machines, gaming machines, payphones, self-laundry machines and transport ticket machines among many other applications.

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While there are different types and names for coin acceptors, they mostly do the same thing. However, when it comes to types, there are some distinguishing features that separate a coin acceptor from another. The difference comes in the design and functionality. There exists both mechanical coin acceptors and electronic coin acceptors. Mechanical coin acceptors are common with outdated payphones but electronic coin acceptors are the most widely used in many applications. While a mechanical coin acceptor may be cheaper and more economical, electronic coin acceptors are more efficient and advanced.

How a coin acceptor works

Coin acceptors are basically mini computers that have a rain’ of their own and that is why they are used for self-checkouts. Once a coin acceptor receives a coin into its system, it has a mechanism which checks the type of coin and its authenticity.

The parameters the machine uses to verify which coin has been inserted are the weight, diameter, thickness, and metal composition. The verification is done against predefined and pre-set characteristics which the machine has in its system.

A coin acceptor has a coin slot which is designed to accommodate the dimensions of the largest coin of a currency. Once a coin is deposited in the coin slot, it passes down a chute that directs it to a detection probe which then uses light sensors and electromagnets to verify the denomination of the coin. Once the coin is verified, it is passed down to a sorting weigher. The sorting weigher then pivots under the weight of the coin, allowing it to roll off. If the coin is larger or heavier than the expected weight, the sorting weigher will not pivot, preventing the coin from rolling over.

This is the point where counterfeits and non-accepted currencies are rejected. The coin can be returned if the user presses a return key allowing the coin to roll to a return chute. However, if the coin fits the bill, a signal is sent to the flap armature and it opens. The coin then falls into another sorting chute which goes to the host machine’s system and is sorted according to its denomination. Depending on where the coin falls, it will trigger another command on the host machine.

Many vending machines often have the option to give change so that even customers who don’t have the exact amount of coins can use them. If this is the case, you should consider purchasing a coin changer machine, which pretty much works the same way as coin acceptors.

What to consider before buying a coin acceptor

Coin processing rate

Different coin acceptors will have different processing and acceptance rate. Mechanical coin acceptors will have a slower acceptance rate as compared to electronic coin acceptors. Some applications like gaming require speed in accepting coins and therefore, before buying a coin acceptor you should consider the speed of the coin acceptor.

Our coin acceptors are designed with the latest technology to ensure that whatever application the coin acceptor is going to be used in, customers who use it will have a satisfactory experience.


Before purchasing a coin acceptor, it is important to consider the currency which is going to be used. While most coin acceptors are designed to accommodate only one currency, our coin acceptors are designed to accept multiple currencies from different countries.

As long as the coin acceptor is programmed for a specific currency, it can easily accept multiple currencies to be used anywhere. Besides, we custom make coin acceptors according to the needs of our customers. Some customers prefer to have their coin acceptors accept only certain coins in a given currency. With our advanced technology and exquisite design, our company can program our coin acceptors to suit any customer needs.

Communication protocol

Coin acceptor manufacturers use various communication protocols for their coin acceptors. The most common ones are parallel, MDB or ccTalk, and USB connection.


Coin acceptors also come in different sizes. However, there two main dimensions of coin acceptors, 3.5” and 5”. Both of these have the same functionality. The difference comes in the sorting compartments.

Some currencies have multiple denominations for their coins hence they need a larger coin acceptor to accommodate all their coins. Other, however, only have a few denominations hence there is no need for a bigger coin acceptor. Depending on your currency, you can choose either size to suit your needs.


A major concern among vending machine owners or other coin acceptor users is the possibility of theft in their machines. Wherever coin acceptors are applied, there is a lot of money exchange that takes place.

As most coin acceptor applications eliminate human monitoring, except for a few like gaming machines, there is a high possibility of theft. Our coin acceptors are programmed in such a way that it is near impossible for any theft to occur.


Our coin acceptors are universally compatible with many applications. Whether it is gaming or vending machines or laundry machines, we can custom design for our customer’s whichever coin acceptor to be compatible with any host machine. With over 15 different designs of coin acceptors, it is easier to find a compatible coin acceptor within our products.


If you are looking to purchase a coin acceptor for your business, our company is here to help you. With our wide range of coin acceptors, we are keen to meet the demands of our diverse customer base. With many years’ experience in professional production, our company uses state of the art technology in each phase of our production process. As a result, our products are manufactured with the most advanced technology to offer our customers top quality products.

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