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If you are a real gaming lover, then you must have heard about Pandoras Box Games, not only heard, you must have also played them too and I am sure that you have must enjoy them playing.


But those who don’t know about Pandora’s box game let me give them a quick brief about this game and then we will move further to the main content. Pandora’s Box is a series of JAMMA XXX-in-1 arcade board games, which means in the first part of Pandora’s Box there were 100s of games which the Pandora’s players can have. The first Pandora’s Box game was launched in 2012, it was manufactured by 3A-Game Electronic Technology, which is a renowned game building company of China. When they were giving 100s of options for games at that time it was noticed that some of the games were the same, there was just a difference in the names. This was an issue that was seen in the first series of Pandora’s Box Game. There was a total of 310 games in the first Pandora’s Box.


But they have evolved and enhanced the new Pandora’s Box and worked really hard on providing more games options and worked on the gameplay, which means that they try to make their players just get into it. They have just changed the whole thinking of playing games. Right now there is more than 6 Pandora’s box in game series. They are offering 1300 games in the Pandora’s Box series 6. They have also added many new things in the original Pandora’s Box series. We are going to know about them all today in this article.


Latest series of the Pandora’s Box is Pandora’s 7S Box. In which the company offers 2200 games with 100 3D games in it. From which you can choose your favorite one and can play. They are not enhancing the games only, they are also working in adding more features and more attached products with the Pandora’s Box game.


You are going to feel like you are a professional, with the type of new products they are adding into the latest Pandora’s Box game. Some of the best products for Pandora’s Box games are-·The first product is the Pandora’s Box itself. Because the latest version of Pandora’s Box which is Pandora’s Box 7s is the latest one from 2019. It contains 2200 games in it and 100 3D Games in it. They have added some high-quality and highly exciting games in this latest version of Pandora’s Box. Some games from the latest series are “The King of Fighters 97”, “CiberBots,” “Airwing Carrier” and many more exciting games. The main objects that come in the box when you order a new one are the main console, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, USB Cable, VGA Cable, and a user manual.·Classical 2 player Pandora’s Box arcade bartop- It is a 2 player bartop, which you can use to play with your friends, it is made in such a way that both the players can play it at one time, by sitting each side of the bartop. By seeing the interest, that people pay in these games, they made this exciting thing to play games with your friends. They could have made two remotes only for playing, but they made a proper bartop which looks really interesting and more professionalized too.

10 inch LCD Mini Pandora’s box game bartop- Here is another bartop that they had made, this is not same as the above-given product, it is a 10-inch LCD mini bartop, with the help of which you can play games using your Pandora’s box games at anywhere you want. It is a total of 4.5 KG only.

Cam Locks- They also provides you well-built cam locks, that you can set up by sitting at your home only. This cam lock comes in different variation’s such as some cam locks have an option of a key to open that, while others have a pattern key which comes in a circular shape. These cam locks also come in stainless steel option, which means that your cam lock is never going to break or get rusted no matter what happens to it.

There are many such products which they provide for a better game playing experience. They also offer different types of Joysticks which are also available in many different variation’s.


But, when you go online to buy any of these products or anything else for your Pandora’s Box game or even a Pandora’s Box game itself, then you must have seen that there are more than hundreds of searches or hundreds of places available from where you can buy these products. But not all provide the best and original products, there are many options or places, which sell fake products and after purchasing these counterfeit products, players are unable to get the best possible gaming experience out of those products. Some of the times the products do not even work at all when they are delivered, and most of the companies do not support refunds.

But we are going to solve all of such problems within one go. Our site provides the best quality gaming products for delivering you the best possible gaming experience out there. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of Pandora’s Box Games systems and products. Our company was established in 2002, and we are providing quality products for

Pandora’s Box Games from that time till now, BLEE is not only our loge, but it is a well-known brand of arcade gaming products in China. We provide you certified products every time, some of the certifications are CE, ROHS, and CCIC Certificate. We offer many different products for Pandora’s Box Games, some of which are a joystick, push buttons, switch, coin acceptor, consoles, system locks and many other machines parts which are useful for the console and helps you for providing the best outcomes in your gaming experience. We offer more than 600 products related to Pandora’s Box Game, and all products are certified and are available in stock and never goes out of stock so you can order them anytime.

BLEE Arcade is a one-stop service for every game product and service related to Pandora’s Box Game. We try to deliver you the ordered products within a time interval of 2-7 days, and if you want a product that is under production, then we strive to provide that product within 12-30 days. All the products that we deliver are covered with bubble wrapper, stretch film, carton, and for more safety, it is also covered with a wooden frame. Payment options that we have are D/A, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, and other such options. You can choose the best possible option for you for paying.

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