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Christmas is coming. Happy New Year!


It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. BLEE wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.

Every country or nation in the world has its own Christmas customs because of different traditional customs.

United Kingdom: They believe that Christmas must be eaten happily. So Christmas dinner is extremely rich, including pork, roast turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie... etc. Everyone in the family has a gift, even the servants, and the gifts are distributed on Christmas morning. Sometimes when the choir sings Christmas songs from door to door, they will be invited into the house by the host to entertain refreshments or give small gifts.

France: Go to the church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After the Mass, the family reunited with their older brothers and sisters to share Christmas dinners and shared important things at home for the past year. Occasionally, family members are at odds, and they are often relieved by the Christmas gatherings and reconciled. Therefore, Christmas is regarded as a day of kindness and harmony in the eyes of the French.

Italy: In Italy, every Christmas, everyone likes to put some models of the nativity story in their homes. On the eve of Christmas, the family reunited for a big meal and attended Christmas Mass at midnight. Then everyone went to visit relatives and friends, but only children and the elderly received gifts. There is a good custom in Italy at Christmas. In order to thank their parents for a year of upbringing, children will hide their compositions or poems in napkins, tablecloths or plates before eating Christmas dinner. Take it out after eating a big meal and read it aloud.

Spain: Children in this country often put their shoes outside the window or door to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities, boys often have many high-end gifts to give to beautiful women. The "cow" also received the best treatment at Christmas. Because there is a local legend: "When Jesus was born, an ox breathed out to him, which made him warm."

Sweden: During the Christmas season, the Swedes are very hospitable. Every family, rich or poor, welcomes friends to visit, and even strangers can come in and eat. They put all kinds of food on the table and let everyone choose freely.

Switzerland: Santa Claus in this country wears a white robe and a mask. They are often dressed up by poor people, asking for food and gifts from the rich in groups, and only splitting the proceeds when they leave.

Denmark: The first country to publish Christmas stamps. This Christmas stamp is issued to raise funds for tuberculosis prevention. Danes like to post Christmas cards and mail.

Chile: The country must have a "monkey tail" cold drink when celebrating Christmas. This drink is made with coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermented grapes. No one knows why this drink is called "Monkey Tail".

Norway: On Christmas Eve, everyone in the family needs to line up their shoes from large to small before going to bed. Norwegians believe that by doing this, their families can find peace and peace in the coming year. The next morning, the family met each other and sang their favorite Christmas songs.

Ireland: On Christmas Eve, families in this country will put a candle or lamp on the window frame to express their welcome to the birth of the Holy Child.


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