Arcade Racing Game Machine With Steering Wheel Control

The video game city is a good place for many people to spend their leisure time. There are all kinds of large game consoles in the video game city. Which kind of game console do you like?

There is a type of large game console that has always been favored by the majority of young people. No matter what time period it is, it is in a full stage. Yes, it is a racing game console. This kind of large-scale racing game machine has always been loved by teenagers. There are too many scenes in the movie, and I want to experience the thrills. And the closest game machine to experience real racing is the large-scale simulation racing game machine in the video game city. Since it is a simulation of real racing operation, I feel a little at a loss when I first contacted the racing game console. I always play badly, and I was brushed off all of a sudden. So, what are the skills for this type of game? Let’s listen to our Baoli Suggestions for animation technology.

Today, Baoli Animation introduces the initial D racing machine. It is a popular racing game machine. I believe many people are familiar with this machine! However, this kind of racing game machine is played well and some are very familiar. Headache, because playing this kind of game console is mainly to control the steering wheel, but many people are not very familiar with this! So, today I will introduce the most essential steering wheel control technology for you to quickly improve your strength and become a racing master. What are you waiting for, hurry up and understand the mystery.

1. Make a turn slowly. This is to watch the realization of the road and control the steering wheel according to the change of the line. Players need to be familiar with the sidelines of each turning position.

2, make a quick turn. This is to not relax the throttle when turning, turn the steering wheel directly and then quickly pull it back. This requires a high degree of player’s direction and road familiarity.

3. Hard hitting turns. This needs to be familiar with all detours. When turning, control the steering wheel according to the feeling of the bay, requiring the player to react quickly and accurately.

4, turn smoothly. This is a turning technology created by using anti-tyre technology. When you are making a sharp turn, do you want to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction when you feel the body is starting to float, and control the steering wheel according to the feeling of the tires biting in the opposite direction. This is more difficult. High turning skills.

As long as you have mastered how to control the steering wheel, then this racing game is very simple! Thrilling and exciting scenes can be experienced in person, those scenes that are only available in movies, and now you can experience a fun and crazy drift. No matter what game console you play, you have to master the skills, then what are the problems. For those who want to learn more about the mystery of racing game machines, you can find Baoli Animation Technology. We are the research and development producer of large game machines in various video game cities.

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