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most popular lock cam buy order now for picnic

most popular lock cam buy order now for picnic

Most popular lock cam buy order now for picnic

1 piece
Place of origin
Guangzhou, China
Lead Time
2-7 working days for stock, 12-30 working days for production
Bubble+ stretch film+carton+wooden frame
By sea, By air or By express delivery (DHL, FEDEX, UPS)
Payment Terms
D/A, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Others
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Get the Wink unit as well. Nice looking and works well. I had my locksmith install and it took 15 minutes.
Great lock. Better than the Yale.
Simple, efficient and is compatible with my home security system.
Order 2 of these and like them a lot. Easy to install and configure. Like not having to bother with keys.
Works easy to install No more keys
works perfectly, synced to wink hub 2
Everyone needs these to replace all deadbolts! It works fantastic with a Smartthings hub setup. Highly configurable.
Quick and easy to install. Looks and works great
So very impressed. We live in another state and needed a lock we could trust. This one is it!
Easy to install and program. No problem linking up to my Z-wave home alarm.
This is great!
The lock is amazing we love it. NO MORE KEYS.
Awesome! I love this deadbolt! Very easy to use, easy to install and it's great to not have to dig for keys. I've only had it about a month, so I cannot attest to battery life, but so far, so good!
this is my 3rd one.. easy to install and program.
precisely what I was looking for at a great price!
Great product, really easy to install and to set up.
game changer. everyone's impressed and definitely appreciate not needing to carry a key. 3 months so far and battery is over 90%. what's the traffic like? 9 individual codes, 4 of them used at least 3 times a day, lock is used every 2 hours daily on average. I set autolock after 30 secs. this is one durable and well-designed beast!
great product no problems great price
Works perfectly with all of my Z-Wave devices!
Very easy to install and use. I replaced an existing Schlage lock (regular), and it only took me 20mins. Comes with 4 duracell batteries (not cheap ones), and very easy to use instructions. Just wish it ran on bluetooth or wifi standards (though the power usage would be more taxing), instead of z-wave, but i'm not complaining.
Worked Great, sinked up easily with my z-wave hub/
works well.
This was a great door lock. It was easy to set up, and once I had it set up, I no longer had to worry about losing my keys again. Plus, the kids love having their own secret code and I don't have to worry about them losing their keys either!
lock is excellent!! I think you should tell consumers that they need a hub to go with the item. This way you can set multiple things such as a camera, thermostat, ect AAAA++++ GREAT PRODUCT
Great lock, easy to use & works great with my 2GIG alarm system! Liked it so much I bought another one.
Quick shipping and excellent product
Awesome product. I use it with wink but the wife just loves it not having to user her keys.
I have the newer model which works great with Wink. This is an older model that is not supported by Wink. The newer model ends with a 9 in the product description. This one ends in an 8.
This is easy to set up and easy to program. * You can have separate codes for separate people, so you can create one just for a guest or family member, and delete it whenever you want. * Can lock automatically after 30 seconds. We don't use this feature. * You don't need a key to lock the door on your way out. Just press the "Schlage" button and it audibly locks. Very convenient. * It's nice to not have to keep your keys handy when entering the house with packages or groceries. * Uses four AA batteries. I like things that use common sizes. Especially ones I have in rechargeable form. Note: You have the opportunity to change the length of the codes. The default is four, which is too low. If you change the length you'll wipe out all existing codes, so change the length when you first get it. Very important: The instructions contain a "master code" which is used for programming. Do not lose this! With it, you can undo/redo anything, so no matter what you're all set. Context: I've been using this lock for about two months and haven't had any trouble.
Set this lock up through my Frontpoint z-wave system and all is working well.with the app. Only thing I'm a little disappointed about is when manually turning the lock, the system doesn't know it's locked or unlocked. When operating with the codes or app, it knows the lock has been changed and updates the app. Also get txt messages when the lock opens/closes. Overall, it's a win and glad I purchased the CAM716 lock. It was easy to install and set up with Frontpoint Security. I did have to reprogram or reset the lock to make it fully open/close correctly. The lock would fully lock, then drop back about 1/2 inch with a red "x" flash. It was my fault by getting off on the original placement alignment when installing. I found the reset or reprogram video on utube and it was fully reset in a couple minutes. Been working fine so far. Will update if things change.
Look looks and works great, but I am giving it three stars because it was a pain to pair with smartthings. If it doesn’t pair the first time, do a factory reset, do a zwave exclusion in smart things and move your lock inches from your SmartThings Hub. It will operate fine at a distance but mine would not pair until it was right next to it and I did the previous steps.
I really liked this lock. Used it with schlage service on zwave. After 4 years it was getting undependable until it finally quit working. At around $200 every 5 years plus service charges it gets pretty expensive. Lifetime guarantee does not apply to electronics.
I have three of these and can say with confidence they are the best products on the market. The first gen had some issues but was replaced under warranty and the two newest ones and the replacement have worked perfectly. Excellent product!
Works great once setup. Zwave pairing is very tricky. So minus one star for buggy zwave.
Installation was smooth and easy. Had no issues with product quality. Programming the codes was a bit awkward, but part of that was me not reading all the details in instructions. Works great now!
Love it...
I have had some issue with lock functioning properly with SmartThings. As a standalone unit it has been great. Having installed custom device handler and SmartAPP (User Lock Manager) in SmartThings, I can get the lock to work fairly well... Setup users, track usage & run routine specific to user. However, it continues to have some annoying features... User Lock Manager updates twice per minute in Recent Activity and Lock has twice lost all connection with SmartThings hub (had to cycle power to lock to repair).
Great lock. This one is actually my second schlage lock. The convenience factor for these locks is life changing. If you have Samsung Smartthings, look into scripts that will push this to the next level. I'm talking features like burner codes, remote code programming, per user notifications, per code events, etc... If any of you are wondering about battery life, it's amazing. Been running my first one for a month now and it's only dropped 1%.
I installed this about 3 weeks ago, and have been using the unit since then with absolutely NO issues. I have 2 teenage girls who use the door constantly so the reviews stating that they had battery issues concerned me. I'll start the review off with the installation portion. The instructions were well written and took minimal time to install. The big thing, pay attention to clearances and lock size. Mine fit the standard installation and went smoothly. I read several of the reviews when I went to purchase this model, and I was very hesitant because of the reviews stating that they needed to control the unit through the Nexia bridge unit, which included a monthly fee of over eight dollars a month. I have a Wink hub ( which requires NO monthly or additional fees) . This lock easily integrates with the Wink hub and the controls from the phone interface are great, being able to add users on the fly from wherever I am and unlocking the door remotely were great. The only addition I wished this had, was the ability to grant access only on certain days and at certain times (for a housekeeper). My wife likes the security afforded by this because you can set it to automatically lock after 30 seconds from when the door was opened. The only other issue I read about was the battery issue. After 3 weeks of heavy use, I checked the batteries and they show at 99%, which to me is downright amazing.
This was very easy to install and program. It fit perfectly into the existing lock holes...the entire process took less than ten minutes. I like this model, with the white letters, better than the previous version. It's lacking the anti-tamper alarm function, but easier to read when hit in direct sunlight. My only dislike is the big, obscenely large block that's mounted on the back of the door. Yes, it contains the motor, electronics, and battery, and those take up space, but I wish it was half the height and depth. From a business perspective, those seem like a major competitive weakness that need to be addressed in future models. I'm knocking off one star because of it. It's an aesthetic may not bother you as much as it bothers me. :-)
So far this lock has been great for my Airbnb unit. With the Wink app, I can give out custom codes to each guest and manage when and how long the codes are active. Within the wink app there is a built in reminder to remove the user codes from the lock after the guest leaves. It was really easy to set up, and the price was more attractive than other locks with the same functionality. The only difference that I saw between this and the next model up was the alarm capability, which I didn't find important. My biggest concern currently is battery life - I've been using the lock for almost 1.5 months and it shows 98% within the Wink app still. In the future I'd like to try using this lock with a smart things hub, but it appears that keycode management is not possible without paying for 3rd party software.
It is possible your z-wave hub is less than 10 feet from the door you intend to install this one. However, if your lock is farther than 10 ft from the hub, and you follow the instructions included with the lock, you will end up having to move either the hub or the lock in order to pair it. So, don't follow the instructions included with the lock! Pair your lock with your hub before installing it. :-) Pros: - Easy to use - Easy to install - Generally feels like a quality lock Cons: - Interior manual operation is sloppy and feels cheap - There should be no play in the manual mechanics - Can't configure codes and modes through z-wave hub - Lacks tap to open function of Kevo - Aforementioned hub pairing instruction fail - The instructions should say to pair the lock before installing
I have it hooked up to my SmartThings hub and it's very cool to have it automatically unlock the door when I get home. I have it set so when I open my garage door it will unlock my front door. So I never bring my house keys with me anymore. It unlocks, but if it ever shouldn't work, I can just the code to get in.
Love the lock, installation a breeze. Just have to understand what is needed as far as the programming/setup. The alarm isn't that great but it does serve its purpose, alerting you to a possible problem. Ease of operation from remote locations is excellent. Hooking up to Alexa also makes it more versatile through the smart things hub. Had people working on my house and was able to let my contractor in and lock the door when he left. Best "TOY" I've purchased.
We love this lock! We often receive compliments on it. Love that it doesn't display fingerprints. We bought a z-wave system, so now it's even better. LOVE not having to carry keys when we go for a walk. I can't speak to the installation, because my husband did that, but it didn't take him very long and his language was pretty clean the whole time. :)
Replaced a unit that got wet and failed. Needs to be better sealed against moisture. One key only! For the price it should come with 3.
Easy to use and works perfectly. Didn’t realize that one needs matching door handle to complete the install. Would have been nice to have a matching set.
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