Can Playing Retro Arcade Games Make You a Better Person

by:BLEE     2019-05-02

BLEE-Can playing video games make you a better person

For most people, playing video games  is purely for entertainment. But more and more research has shown that video games can help individuals relax, improve their social skills, and even eliminate some disturbing pain.So the next time someone complains that you play too much Fortnite, let them know the following reasons why a small video game is good for you.Improved hand-to-Obviously you need pretty good coordination skills in order to win quicklyVideo games like watch pioneer.

A recent study by the University of Toronto published in the Journal of Human Sports Science found that players who often play Retro Arcade Games such as Call are learning new sensory sports skills fasterPractical benefits of enhanced hands-to-In daily life, the coordination of the eyes is worth arguing.But it has been argued that this activity may be invaluable for those with autism who often have soft hands --to-Eye coordination.While classic arcade games like Space Invaders never put too much tax on gray matter like video games, they require more mental effort from players.From popular arena games like League of Legends to complex puzzle games like Monument Valley, it seems that developers have been pushing us to solve problems in the game.As a result, more and more research has shown that video games can help improve our memory ability.

A study by the University of Cambridge has been included in the International Journal of neuropsychiatric pharmacology, which suggests that the brain-Training games like the game show can help those with early dementia improve their memory by 40%.In addition to this, it is reported that only one hour of the game can greatly improve the individual's ability to focus.

A study by the University of Arkansas, published in the journal "frontier of human Neuroscience", shows that playing League of Legends in an hour can produce changes in brain activity and enhance so-called visual selective attention.This refers to the ability to ignore certain disturbances in order to pay more attention to more important information. Study  shows that many of the most popular games require a lot of cooperation between players to win.This shows that video games have grown from isolated things to the present, and it requires healthy teamwork to succeed.Noting this trend, a research group at Columbia University conducted a study that found that children who often play video games tend to show better social cohesion, and actually better integrated into the community at their school.Video games like World of Warcraft already contain games based on real gamesLiving activities such as communicating and trading with other players, some people think that these games are more beneficial in later life than simple shooting --em-ups.

Obviously, there is a lot of research to be done, but for now it seems that video games can bring a lot of benefits and help us become better people.                                

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