where can i buy arcade machines Why I Hate My Son's Xbox

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
where can i buy arcade machines Why I Hate My Son\'s Xbox
My son (then 10 years old) received a Christmas present a year ago --an Xbox 360.In his eyes, this isdie-for console -One of his friends has one.If he didn't join the Xbox gamers, life wouldn't be worth it.
Of course, he's only dramatizing to get a result-On this occasion, the gift he wanted very much came, and at 2010 Christmas he was wrapped up and hidden under the tree.When he tore off the newspaper, I like to see his excited and excited face.It was really a surprise because he was told he couldn't have it.
But I'm glad we bought it for him because sometimes it would be nice to indulge the kids (especially at Christmas), which made him very happy.However, the longer the Xbox stays at our home, the more disgusted I am with it.The problem was not so serious in the early days.
We already had the Wii before he bought the Xbox, which is not a violation of family life.The Wii is kept in the family living room, connected to our only TV, and the time to play the game is limited to about an hour or two.It's time. I asked him to turn it off.If he doesn't turn it off, I'll turn it off for him.
Then he will find something else to do.
Games played in the living room are easily supervised.However, I have not faced much resistance --That's the rule. that's it.So, when we set him up for the first timeIn addition to the Xbox, it is connected to the TV downstairs.
After initially indulging a new Christmas gift, the game is limited to a specific period of time, as before.Xbox's life at home continues in a rather happy way --My son loves the Fifa football game right now and it looks like a harmless entertainment.His two-year-old brother used to sit and watch him, and everyone was very happy.
However, only a year later, my son is no longer a boy who can play computer games and then go and do other things.Instead, he has become a kid obsessed with Xbox, and I would hardly be surprised if it sucked him into a parallel online world that would never come back.Asking him to give up his game now leads to a very grumpy attitude and leads to an argument about all this being unfair.
Sometimes I really think he's going to be a good politician.After all, he never flinch. of course he knows how to hold his corner.Apparently, every 11-year-old in the world can play violent Xbox games 24 hours a day.
We are "weird" parents because they are trying to block his way.Obviously we can't understand his excessive enthusiasm for Xbox because we're from another age where life is cruel and no one has anything to do.Now it is very normal to want to "insert" every waking moment into a device with a screen, and only parents will agree with that.
Why would it change?So, why does all this change?There is no doubt that I am sure that when we bought a TV for his bedroom in last May, my hatred of the Xbox began.So this is our own fault?Maybe so -the parents.We should stick to the old arrangement of the console in the family living area.
This is definitely the best way.
But my son is growing.
He doesn't want to play FIFA all the time-Usually older boys will like games that require a certain amount of shooting and death.You can buy very realistic shooting games designed for people over the age of 12 (some bond games are advertised as 12 and don't look much different from more mature games ).I think it is unfair to deny him, even if I am a woman who does not like violence.
The main swing point for us was the appearance of his brother.There's no doubt that I know I don't want him to be a bystander to these old, inappropriate races.That's why our eldest son is allowed to have his own TV and he likes to have friends around and they need their own space (like we do ).
We just moved but our old house was small and we were all on top of each other when someone visited.TV and headphones in guest roomThe beginning of the landslide...I have a TV in my son's bedroom, which makes it more difficult to manage the Xbox.
Almost immediately, he seems to think that every free moment in his life is an opportunity to show his virtual world.When he is absolutely not in reality, he even pretends to be reading.However, TVWhile this is clearly a key part of the problem.
Not the only criminal.
It has a criminal partner that works with it to further corrupt my sonIt's called Xbox Live (with headphones ).Over the past few months, experience has taught me that Xbox Live is the new go out for an 11-year-old boy.When my son wakes up on the weekend morning, he doesn't think about playing in the park.
In fact, he doesn't even think about the outside world (even the world downstairs ).Instead, he considered surfing the internet to see how many of his friends had turned on.He likes to meet his friends, but he only plays Xbox.
He invited a friend to his house and they rushed upstairs and opened it.A few hours later, when I suggested (and sometimes insisted) that they do something else, they looked dumbfounded and couldn't think of an alternative at all.His friends are as bad as he is.Sometimes even worse.Of course, they may play football for a while in the summer.
But after a while they will be back, "Hot and tired", ready to play Xbox.Even if I refuse them, they will secretly go upstairs and do it.Xbox is really the bane of our lives.I don't think there is any real error in playing on the game console, and it can be done in moderation.
However, it seems that in our home (and in the home of most of his friends), "moderation" is a concept of fighting and fighting with it from all angles.At this point, I just wanted to say that one of his friend's Xbox was suddenly over, and a very angry parent threw it down the stairs and hit it with a pitchfork.This is obviously not the ideal solution, but I have to admit that it seems very attractive at times, especially at the current heat.
The most worrying part of my obsession with Xbox is that my son is increasingly unable to use his imagination and creativity to pursue other interests.When I insisted on getting him out of a game, he started talking about it instead.It will never be completely erased from his mode of thinking.
I remember that when I was about his age, I used to like drawing and writing stories.I am very creative. Writing is my passion.My son is his own and I don't want him to be the same as me.He does not like writing.But playing computer games doesn't bring much to life in the end.
It is not soul-Rich, it is not creative, nor broaden the thinking.Computer games played on any platform are just a product of the creativity of an elite.In a way (for some light entertainment), that's fine, but I believe it's a problem when it starts to replace other aspects of your child's character.
Real self-Satisfaction definitely comes from following your true passion and interest and achieving small goals in your life.Explore nature, music pursuit, sports, creative artAll of this can inspire a child and help them develop as they grow into an interesting, hopeful balanced individual.I have a lot of memories of the hobbies I really care about;Play games outside with friends and create my own projects while no one else is present.
When I was young, the kids seemed to know how to come up with an idea and realize the reality of it --This is definitely something my son and almost all of his friends are missing in life.When the Xbox is turned off, instant boredom tortures them like a painful disease.He also likes reading. I think I should thank him.Don't get me wrong.I'm not the kind of parent who allows my son to play Xbox games all day.
When my request to stop playing is conveniently ignored, I can and do close it myself.I often turn to turn off Wi-The Fi connection downstairs, the angry protest, has stopped any social activity on Xbox Live.When I'm really fed up, I hide all the controlsIn the tumble dryer in the washing machine (not when the washing machine is turned on!), Drawer, Pan in Kitchen CabinetI will put them anywhere.
I'll confiscate it for a while if I really feel like I 've been tried and tested, even though I'm not getting rid of it completely.He learned his lesson in the short term and promised to act as a model when he came back.But it started again.Of course, when he doesn't have an Xbox in his own home, he goes to someone else to play.
This is really a problem exacerbated by the society we live in now, because unless we move to a remote location, there will always be an Xbox nearby.Peer pressure and desire to "integrate.I know my son's angry behavior with Xbox is not entirely unusual.In fact, most of his friends at school have similar behaviors.
There is no doubt that since the childhood of many (if not most) parents today, great changes have taken place in our society.E-entertainment has become the norm (girls may not like hosting games very much, but they will definitely be attracted to social media like Facebook ).When you're not a parent, it's easy to come to the conclusion --In fact, today's parents face a difficult struggle with peer pressure, access to technology, creating balance and society as a whole.
Having "in" games and being able to play with friends online will make kids an "online club ".For many children, the desire to "integrate" and be seen as "someone else" is the most important aspect of school life, especially after they start secondary education.Isn't that always the case?Even if the posts are different, this is definitely in my time.
Last year, my son enjoyed collecting and drawing Warhammer and then learning how to play at a local game workshop.Now, however, he has started to go to middle school and he tells me that everyone thinks only "nerds play Warhammer ".But while most parents want their children to be happy and able to participate in activities with their friends, there is no doubt that the Xbox world has become too prominent in the lives of many young people.
When we allowed our son to spend his birthday money on Xbox Live and the included headphones, we didn't realize to what extent he would become completely obsessed.In fact, from the beginning, we set some basic rules for how much time these activities are allocated.He is absolutely not allowed to do anything he likes, but as he grows older, he breaks the line more and more.
Sometimes I feel very disappointed because I know that his childhood is not the same as mine (not that much when he was young, but that he gained more independence) we enjoyed many activities that he and his friends did not seem to be interested in today.We want to explore the world.He seems interested in the "virtual world.Losing imagination, creativity, inspiration and motivation, and the ability to focus on other pursuits for a long time --These are issues that I can easily blame on Xbox.
If you meet my son, you will think of him as a very ordinary, polite child who can do social, humorous and intellectual thinking.Thankfully he's still all this stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't want to erase the Xbox 360 from Earth.At least he likes reading....and swimming
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