where can i buy arcade machines A complete guide to Global Village

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
where can i buy arcade machines A complete guide to Global Village
Surprisingly, Dubai's global village ushered in a big bang again in October 30.As Dubai's most anticipated attraction, the global village is known for its podium gathering people from all over the world.The global village is defined as a miniature world, which is crowded into a space where you can explore the cultures of different countries.
As the name implies, this year's global village will showcase the culture of more than 75 countries in the world in its pavilion.This is the first time this year in the global village, you can explore the far east pavilion featuring South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.Here you can feel the amazing shopping wonders every year during the winter months.
As the largest shopping market in the UAE, the global village has also prepared dream islands for children and amusement facilities for adults.It is indeed "the whole earth under one roof," and that is why the global village is considered one of the largest entertainment centers in the world.Let's take a look at the global features of the global village.
Global Major: 1.
In terms of souvenirs and antiques, the global village offers shoppers a complete visual enjoyment.With a wealth of shopping facilities, you can find 30 pavilions in the ultimate paradise for shopaholics representing 75 countries around the world.2.At this popular attraction in Dubai, you will find the blast of quality entertainment.
The global expo offers an eye-openingFireworks display, music fountain show, dance and music show.Highlights of the entertainment mode include 3D maps, polynisia dance, trapeze artist, Bollywood dance, steel cable show, Chinese circus, Globo show, monster stunt show, etc.In addition, you can enjoy street performances in the global village while tasting authentic UAE culture.
The area is full of cafes and restaurants offering food from all over the world, including India, China, Japan, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand.If you are a fan of street food, the global village is your ideal place.4.Fantasy Island in the global village is home to exciting and exciting roller coasters, accompanied by fireworks shows, dance shows, performance games, etc.
The recently added rides at Fantasy Island theme park include circular fighter jets, crazy golf, fear point ghost trains, etc.Only ladies.Open at 4: 00 on Thursday and Friday.Close at zero o'clock P.M.30 AM.From Wednesday to Saturday, the gate of the global village opens at 4: 00.Close at zero o'clock P.M.30 PM.If you go to the park on weekends, you will see a lot of people.
Therefore, we recommend that you stay in a closed place because you can be separated from each other at any time.Arrive at the venue before the admission time to avoid haste.In the end, you will get more time to watch the park instead of waiting outside.
If you want trouble-Free travel within the global village, then don't forget to pick up the map of the global village.Easily navigate the park with maps.• Under the premise of the global village, you are not allowed to use any type of PDA.It is allowed under the premise of the park.
It is recommended to dress properly because you have to go a lot.If you don't want to be stuck in the crowd, you can buy a VIP pass.Before deciding to visit any day of the global village, you have to check the website so that you can check the events that are going to happen.
In this way, you can enjoy the shopping adventure while enjoying the fun.The season of the global village begins in October 30, 2018 and will last until April 6.If you enjoy watching fireworks and light shows, be sure to go to the park on Friday and Thursday at nine o'clock P.
• Have the opportunity to enjoy live concerts every Friday night in the global village.What's new about the global village this year?There is a brand new giant Ferris wheel called the wheel of the world, 58 metres high, with impressive views in the park.The world's first multicultural mobile market will begin this year and will offer food from all over the world.
You have to check the Joker and so on.
Carnival's playground has been upgraded with 30 rides, slides and many new-Arcade style of the game.Would you like to pick an international souvenir for your closed souvenir?Go to the global village and buy your favorite products from supermarkets, dabaza, giant candy stores and stores in the national pavilion.The Dubai Global Village has something for all.
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