video game machine Video game addiction 'leads to gambling'

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
video game machine Video game addiction \'leads to gambling\'
Kate Sinclair, president of Cornerstone youth services, is the leading agency for Launceston and Devonport topair, saying that with the increase in the variety and availability of game equipment, the number of young Tasman people with video game addiction has increased significantly.Sinclair's MS.xa0The link between game addiction and gambling problems remains a concern."The game rewards players to achieve something and reach a certain goal, and if they log in for a certain number of hours, kids usually get free points or points to upgrade the game," she said .
"In addition, the game can be played online, on mobile phones, and on consoles connected to people around the world."There's a lot of competition involved, and it's out of control competition that needs to be won.Sinclair MS said she raised her concerns last week to federal Health Minister Tanya pribesek during the opening of the roof and north.
West of DevonportShe cited a study completed by the University of Adelaide that showed that one out of every four teenagers had played gambling --It is reported that nearly 40 people plan to gamble with money in the future."It's a very new area and it's terrible," she said .".Examiner, Januaryxa0It is reported that at least ten percent of the problem gamblers are young people under the age of 24.
MS Sinclair says treatment for gaming and gambling addiction depends on breaking the pattern of behavior."Instead of dropping your bag after school and starting your game, we told the kids to make some food on their own and walk around the block," she said ."."They can also force game time to cut game time, or they can hand over consoles and phones overnight to avoid temptation.
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