video game machine Top 10 Games for Low End PCs

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
video game machine Top 10 Games for Low End PCs
I used to get stuck in a crappy machine and yes, it was terrible.You try to install the game, but most of the games stutter every second.Still, I managed to find some low-end video games that can be considered classic, but provide solid gameplay elements that will allow you to entertain for hours.
Requirements for single core 3.
0 GHz processor, 512 mb Ram and 512 mb graphics card.As far as I know, these games can be run with built-in Intel HD graphics.PS.I can't guarantee that every game will run smoothly on your engine as there may be something else in your machine that prevents the game from running.
Morrowind is a true masterpiece and is considered by many to be the best old scrolls game.The video game contains a solid game of rich story telling and interactive npc.The details of the world will only make you mouth watering.
You can spend hundreds of hours exploring the world even without doing any tasks.2.System requirements: 3 gb hard drive | 256 mb RAM | 64 mb graphics card | 1.Fable is an open world rpg fantasy video game with unique gameplay elements called alignment.
Alignment measures the good and evil of Heroes, which are greatly influenced by player behavior and how heroes interact with the world.3.System Requirements: 512 mb RAM | 512 mb graphics card | 1.The half life series has been well received by critics and players, and is even hailed as one of the best FPS games ever.
Full of solid FPS action and challenging puzzles, the half life series has a wonderful story that introduces you to many memorable characters.This game series is really a must, especially if you are a PC player.4.System requirements: 1 gb hard disk | 512 mb RAM | 512 mb graphics card | 2.
The Mount and Blade series is a single medieval rpg game.The game series is known for its sandbox-style games and almost non-existent storylines.Like most RPG games, you have to customize your new characters.
Select the look you want and answer some questions to determine the properties of your role.Players are given complete freedom to join one of the 5 warring factions..5.System requirements: 250 mb HDD | 256 mb RAM | any Open GL compatible gpu | 1.
Aquaria is a beautiful 2D side scrolling video game with a very easy soundtrack.With non-linear gameplay, you are free to explore the underwater maze and discover treasures and secrets.6.System requirements: 1.Full of constant lightsaber action, Jedi Academy is one of the best Star Wars games.
The game has made significant improvements compared to its predecessor, Jedi abandoned, which has introduced a number of new features, including new lightsaber forms and player customizations.7.System requirements: 500 mb hard drive | 256 mb RAM | 64 mb graphics card | 1.Red Alert is definitely one of the best real time strategy (RTS) games ever.
It can be considered one of the pioneers of RTS video games.The game itself is simple enough.You start with a small unit and collect resources to expand your base, build an army and defeat your enemies.8.System requirements: 1.Sim City 4 is a City building simulation game developed by EA.
This game lets you play the role of mayor and lets you take charge of the zoning where you can build different types of buildings, businesses, industries or homes and create a real working city.There are a lot of decisions to make, like managing the budget to make your residents happy.Many players who are disappointed with the restart of Sim City often return to this classic game.
System requirements: 3 gb hard drive | 512 mb RAM | 64 mb graphics card | 1.GTA Vice city has been well received by critics and players and is still one of the most interesting games to date.It is located in an open world big city full of interactive items and npc.
This is a solid story for children that can be considered mature.The theme of the game is freedom and confusion.Do what you wantFollow the story of things that just messed up and exploded.
The freedom fighter is a third-person shooter with a mix of tactical elements.The story happened in another reality of Russia's invasion of the United States.As you cross across various parts of the United States, you control a character called Christopher Stone to gain followers and repel invading forces.
This game has a unique charm.
As your charm grows, the number of followers you can carry with you increases to a maximum of 12.These followers can get orders such as attacks, guards, etc
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