video game machine price Too Good For You Tuesday ... again

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
video game machine price Too Good For You Tuesday ... again
Now considered a retro video game system Nintendo and Sega game system are considered just a level of landfill because Sony and Nintendo went to war later in 1990, provide better sound, better graphics, and better games for game consoles.This week we are going to show you that nostalgic romanticism is something of value as we see some of the most expensive Nintendo video game cartridges.Nintendo facilitates game challenges, one in 1991, and the other in 1992, on 60 university campuses in the United States.
The event gives players 6 minutes and 21 seconds to complete 3 mini-games.Players need to collect 25 coins in super Mary 3, get 100,000 points in PinBot and 100 points in Dr Mario.There is only one version of 1991 available, worth $20,100 in 2009.
A year ago, the legend of the Zelda Prototype was released on eBay at a high price of $150,000.Then reality hit the starsin-the-He dropped the price to $55,000 and the game was sold quickly.The price makes the game the most expensive video game ever.
Zelda is a fantasy adventure game known as Nintendo's most important video game series after Super Mario.This may be a game as good as the name, but can make a few hundred dollars in the auction.The sequel to the cheetah Gate, although completed, has never been sold by developers and has never been released.
In 1997, about 1500 games were unearthed in a warehouse and sold.Although the game is full of bugs and is considered frustrating not to play, it gets at least $600 at auction
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