video game machine price How Did Nintendo Lose In The Console Wars?

by:BLEE     2019-07-11
video game machine price How Did Nintendo Lose In The Console Wars?
As the host wars continue, Nintendo used to be the king of anything...Video games (home or portable)Even though Nintendo will eventually succeed...At lat, when the console war will continue, Nintendo used to be the king of any mountain considered a video game (home or portable)Although Nintendo will eventually be challenged on the latter with Sony's PSP in 2005 ).
But Nintendo's market share has fallen from number one to number three.Nintendo lives on these words now: Be careful who you hook up with, because one day they may be your competitors.At the end of this article, you will understand why.
As early as the NES era, the main system of Sega was not even able to communicate with Nintendo's original 8-Bit behemoth with sales of more than 60 million vehicles.The Super NES (SNES) was then released, but did not dominate in the early days.Sega released 16-In the first two years of SNES, bit Sega Genesis (1989) in entertainment 16-A little console war.
Sega still lacks a title that everyone must have until the birth of the hedgehog Sonic (1991 ).Sega found a defect in the SNES processor --Too slow.Sega takes advantage of this bug to the public by releasing their sound game, which shows a fast-moving hedgehog on the screen (Sega creates Genesis processing power as "explosive processing"SNES has a lot of games that show too many moving sprites on the screen, and the game actually slows down because the processor can't keep up with the action on the screen.
In the end, however, due to Nintendo in SNES (Super Mario Kart, Star Fox, F-Zero) and killer sequel (Legend of Zelda: links to the past, super metropolis, Super Mario World ).Sega stopped support for high-quality games later in the life cycle, resulting in console deaths.When Nintendo began to lose most of its market share for the first time, the 49 million-plus Nintendo console still retained its 60%-month market share --The Bit console war is over (the sales of SNES consoles are twice that of Genesis ).
When Genesis became popular, Sega saw the opportunity to integrate CD games by introducing the Sega CD peripheral accessories of Genesis.However, due to the lack of high-quality games, most gamers are not able to add-from CD-on.However, when news came out of Genesis CD peripherals, Nintendo saw a threat, and since Nintendo had no experience with the CD console, they were helped by Sony (Ah, the plot is getting thicker and thicker)Nintendo is the king of ink cartridgesBut Sony has enough resources to create a CD plugin.
The irony is that SNES, which was named Playstation.After several months of work, the two companies eventually parted ways.The two are divided on the final specification of the system and the way profits are distributed.
Sony is already the main consumer electronics leader in Walkman, TV, video recorder, audio and so on.Now they think they can try the video game business.With so much manpower and money invested by Sony on this CD machine, they decided to turn it into a fullTheir specifications mature independent console and then be able to keep all the profits.
Sony's Playstation was born (eventually more popular than Sony's Walkman ).Sony joined the CD game, and Sega followed the example of Sega Saturn, but Nintendo chose to continue using the cartridge format for a generation.By doing so, Nintendo has alienated many game publishersThere is nothing more important than Square Enix (the most famous is their final fantasy RPG series ).
Square Enix (and many other publishers) sees disk games as the future and leaves the comfort camp of Nintendo to work with Sony (with a lower license fee for Sony ).Final Fantasy seven by Square Enix (Playstation-the first Final Fantasy game released on)Sony made everyone aware of this through advertising, which claimed that if the game was made on a cartridge, it would cost $1200) to continue selling an excellent 7.8 million copies!Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 (Luckily, their last cartridge-System-based) in 1996.
The high production cost of the game on the cartridge, and the lack of many high quality game titles on previous Nintendo consoles, doomed this console to not be able to use the n64 for most of its life cycle ).Nintendo slipped from the first place in the console market share, but has not yet returned to this position.The N64 sold 32 million units, and considering that there are not as many high-quality games as the SNES does, it is a stable sales number, but it pales in comparison to the sales numbers of the Playstation One.
On May 2004, Sony released the 100 million Playstation One console.Sony easy 32-bit/64-A little console war.The Xbox, GameCube and PS2 host wars have been fierce.Sega\'s 128-Bit Dreamcast withdrew from the crowded console war and completely stopped producing the console.
The company offers different prices, different bundles, but in the end, the Playstation 2 is the number one everAs of May 2004, sales had exceeded 70 million units (likely to break through the 100 million mark faster than the original Playstation One console ).Second in Xbox and second in Nintendo GameCubeRanked third.Nintendo has been able to bring back the much-needed Final Fantasy series (however, with some limited capacity ).
GameCube eventually turned to disc games, but Sony has never looked back for a year since PS2.Nintendo claims their next console, code.The product called "Revolution" will be released with competitors.Can Nintendo be number one again?Even with premium franchises like Metroid Prime, Legend of Zelda: Skywalker, Super Mario Sunshine, all largeNintendo currently ranks third in console market share.
Think about it, if Nintendo didn't disappoint Sony in the development of the snes cd add --Nintendo and Sega may still be fighting host wars with Microsoft.But if it does happen, it is likely that more game publishers will support Nintendo's consoles, and all these amazing Final Fantasy games will be released on Nintendo's consoles, instead of releasing it on a competitor's console.Nintendo may never be number one again unless they buy games like Castlevania, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear and more and incorporate online games into more games in future game consoles.
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