video game machine Parents declare war on kids' gaming addiction

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
video game machine Parents declare war on kids\' gaming addiction
About six months ago, Sally * from Launceston realized that 19-year-old Liam spent up to 48 hours on multiplayer internet-connected computer games such as World of Warcraft at a time.She joins more and more desperate Australian parents who are unable to find dedicated support for their child's addictive computer habits.Sally said Liam resigned so he had more time to play and didn't have a good meal because he didn't want to leave the game.
"His hygiene was affected by not taking a bath or cleaning his teeth for a few days, and he gained weight,xa0"I have pain in my back because I lean on my computer," she said .".In order for Liam to stop playing, she canceled the Internet and removed all computer devices from her home."He ended up staying on the street for a few nights and then stealing things so he could go to the Internet cafe and play these games," she said .
"He told us yesterday that he would go directly to the Internet cafe if he had it.He just can't leave."I have a great kid who is doing well at school and is very polite and everyone likes him."Now, just as someone else has taken over him, he is another person.
Game addiction has killed countless people around the world, and individuals around the world have died from cardiac arrest after several days of continuous play.In Sydney, he noticed that more and more teenagers became addicted to video games, which he compared with problem gambling.Mr. Hodzic said that the video game reward structure provides a "rebate" for those players who repeat and complete certain acts ".
"Over time, there has been an increase in people's reliance on rewards and the need to play games," Mr Hodzic said ."."There is a lot of pain and hostility when the game is interrupted, delayed or stopped, which of course affects the relationship, usually the relationship between parents and children.Mr. Hodzic said he had received a recommendation for game addiction for teenagers aged 12 and men aged 32 and over.
Some people are more vulnerable to the structure of video game rewards, he said."The game is excellent in distracting and changing your mental state, and you can make teens or adults mostly accustomed to easing and dealing with their emotions, no matter how you feel, Mr. hodzic said.This further affects the individual's ability to cope with daily stress, he said.
"Any conversation about video games will be a problem because it will increase the pressure on people, which makes them turn to the game again.Once the game disappears from the individual, they may experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms, including anger, emptiness, rampant mood swings, excessive sleep, dreams of the game, lack of motivation, and the urge to return to the game.The emergence of these addictions has led to the inclusion of "Internet use disorders" in the international recognized manual for the diagnosis and statistics of mental disorders.
Video game addiction falls into this category, although it has not yet been officially recognized as an addiction disorder of its own.Mr. Hodzic said he believes that barriers to internet use will be divided into different categories in the future, which will distinguish social media, video games and internet porn addiction
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