video game machine 'Groundhog Day' Sequel in the works, but it's a VR game, not a movie

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
video game machine \'Groundhog Day\' Sequel in the works, but it\'s a VR game, not a movie
There's a sequel to Groundhog Day, but it's not a movie --This is a virtual reality game."Groundhog Day: like a father, like a son", lets the player reappear in the life of little Phil ConnorsHe was the son of the final amiable Phil Connors and Rita Hansen in the 1993 film.Like the movie, the game puts the player in a day of trouble and gets stuck in Kanas's home in Punxsutawney until the son understands the value of friends and family as before his father.
This game is the first time Sony Pictures virtual reality has tried branch narrative and interactive storytelling in virtual reality games.This is not some kind of preface or marketing strategy for a movie sequel."We have not developed a new" Groundhog Day "movie," Jack Zimm, senior vice presidentSony TV VR Group president told Variety.
This is how we extend the storyline to a new form.We 've put "Groundhog Day" into the musical, and now we put it into the immersive experience.Zim says the pride behind Sony Pictures VR is building a profitable business around immersive entertainment.
Virtual reality is the focus of Sony's current attention, because it is an independent group within Sony, on how to solve the problem of creating a viable business for virtual reality, it can maintain a fairly flexible attitude."We have the ability to bend and turn as much as we can," Zim said .".\ "This allows us to trade with a company like Void inside Sony (the company worked with Sony to create a walk-Experience through virtual reality's "ghost and death squads"), or create something for multiple platforms, or work in an immersive theater space.
The "Groundhog Day" game represents the group's attempt to make a video game where players are willing to pay and can compete with other VR games on the market, he said."When we launched the business three years ago, we thought we would build a small company --"Make big games with movie IPs and see what price we can reach," Zim said .".But we know this is not what the audience wants.
"Groundhog Day" is a real attempt to make real games.Zim said Sony Pictures VR sought advice from Sony Interactive Entertainment about who can develop games for them.He said the team did not use Sony's own global studio because the budget the team needed was inconsistent with the game they wanted to make.
"We don't want to create a situation where we are developing a game that is too wide," Zim said ."."The projects we are working on have a profitable path.They are also looking for a studio that has some experience with the core concepts behind the game: time loops.
A studio is constantly appearing, says Zim.Tequila Works, based in Madrid, Spain, is an independent studio with a solid reputation and has developed a complex and intertwined virtual reality game.Zim said they also like the idea of working with independent developers rather than large studios.
He said that in the course of many years of development, there are a lot of back and forth, he is happy with the development of the game."Groundhog Day" will be released later this year on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.Oculus Quest will also launch a version, he said.
This game is built around the branch narrative of dialogue and events --As you continue to tell your story, driven interactivity opens up new paths, new character interactions, new puzzle moments, and flashbacks."You are actually trying to solve all the problems you have brought to solve this day," he said .".This is definitely a comedy, a dark comedy.
The group works with the team of narrative design consultants to produce conversations and stories.Zim said it could take 8 hours for the whole game.He declined to say if Bill Murray, who played Phil Connors in the film, did any sound work for the game.
He did say that if the game is well received, it mightVR gaming platform."But our first step is to put our toes in the water and see how VR products work," he said .".\ "We can develop it from there if there is a chance.
Sony Pictures VR is also working on two other unannounced projects launched on PlayStation VR and other platforms this year."We are preparing a lot of things," said Zim .".\ "We looked at the upcoming version of the drama and found a way to develop the game, but we also looked at our entire catalog, library, and tried to find the IP that fits the game.
In the end, our goal is to find more worlds to immerse ourselves in
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