video game cabinets for sale Organizing Your Collectibles Online With Squirl

by:BLEE     2019-07-11
video game cabinets for sale Organizing Your Collectibles Online With Squirl
If you have tons of coins, stamps, dolls, signatures or anything else, you know that organizing and tracking your collection can be a challenge.A new web service called Squirl (http:/squirl.Info) makes it easy and fun to organize your collection.
It offers up to 200 items free of charge (up to 5,000 items cost only $10 a year and will soon have unlimited plans) all your data is stored online, so you can access it from anywhere!Signing up for Squirl is free and takes only one minute.You will need to provide the email address, login name, and password of your choice.You will receive a confirmation email from Squirl with a link to click to verify registration.
After verification, you can start publishing your collection on the website.The site will prompt you to create the first collection and name it (E.G.g."My Superman action character ").You can make some configuration choices at this stage.
In the Create New Collection menu, you can choose whether you want the collection to be private or public.Only you can see it if it is private.Anyone can see it if it is public.You can also configure settings, such as if you want people to be able to leave comments on your collection.Other settings allow you to choose how to display your collection on the screen.
After creating the collection, all these settings can be changed in case you change your mind about anything.Now that you have created your collection, it's time to start adding it!You can enter different types of collections on Squirl using more than 30 custom templates.These templates include antiques, books, coins, toys, dolls, Ephemera and many other common collections.
If you do not see a category that suits you, you can enter the item as "content" and send a request for a new category to the website owner.For books, movies, music and video games, you can import items from Amazon, which makes it very fast and easy to add to your collection.For each item you add to the collection, you can upload the picture and add the description.
For large collections, you may need to consider Squirl's "bulk upload" option, which allows you to upload five images at a time.In addition to giving you a tool for organizing collections online, Squirl allows you to build a network with other collectors.You can browse and comment on the members' collections, send them messages and add them as your friends.
This is a great way to know what other people have and a great way to exchange information about collectibles.To personalize the home page and let other users know you better, edit your profile using the "My Profile" link at the top of each page.In your profile, you can provide your own pictures and descriptions.
There is also a place to link to your website where you can link to your current eBay auction where you can include links to eBay in the description of any item on Squirl.So this is a great way to let people know what you're currently selling on eBay.All in all, Squirl is a great way to organize and organize collections.
The social aspect of the site gives you the added benefit of being able to connect with other collectors around the world!View on http:/
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