video game cabinet Video Game Testing - Become A Video Game Tester In 5 Simple Steps

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
video game cabinet Video Game Testing - Become A Video Game Tester In 5 Simple Steps
Step 1: Be proactive!If you just sit there and wait for the ads "game testers want" to appear in the newspaper, you won't find any work for video game testers.It won't happen.So instead of waiting for miracles to happen, go out and find the perfect video game test job for you.Go directly to the game company and developers to apply for a test job.
Since they are not looking for you, the only logical step is to actively search for them.Once you find them (which should not take too long), apply with them for the position of game tester and repeat the process as much as possible for different companies.On your application/resume, brag about all your video game achievements, such as the console you own, the games you 've played, the games you own, the MMORPGs you're in, and anything else that shows how much experience you have in video games.
If you want to help your career further, create a website/blog, talk about video games, give comments, previews, cheats, tips, etc.You must remember that experience and professional spirit are very important in this industry.So the more experience you have, the more professional you are, the more chances you will get to work as a video game tester.
You have to realize that video game testing is a job.Yes, it's a very interesting job, but it's still a job.That means you have to take it that way and take every part of it seriously.
Don't sit down and play games just to have fun.Sit down and play the game so you can get your salary at the end.Many \"wanna-Be \ "testers believe that being a professional video game tester is a profession of" not working, playing all.
To be honest, they are too wrong.
While the game tester doesn't have a lot of work to do, he/she still needs to do something.Fill in the report, for example.Surprised?Well, most aspiring young testers do this when they hear that video game testing has actual work.Contrary to what you think, you won't just be playing games and giving your opinion on whether they are good or not.
You will actually test them.
You will play the game, find any errors or faults, and then fill in the report of any problems you have encountered.This is to help developers and programmers find and solve these problems.You don't have to be an English professor or a college graduate to write a bug report, but you have to have basic writing skills.
In addition to the report, you will need to fill out a large number of questionnaires;This is usually based on the point of view.Once you have accepted the fact that you will be doing the actual work as a video game tester, you will achieve greater success in finding a test job
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