video game cabinet Take Your Pick From The Top 10 Video Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
video game cabinet Take Your Pick From The Top 10 Video Games
In the world of video media games, video games are popular among children and adults.Few of these countless games stand out and are popular.What makes a game more popular than others?There may be many reasons, but the main reason is "what is the goal of the game ?"?The goals and other factors of the game determine the success or failure of the game.
The top ten video games are discussed here, all of which have a unique goal.Select according to the activities that need to be performed.1.The mission of "Link" is to gather the power of the seven sages and then keep Ganondorf in the dark world forever.
This is because when Link was a little boy, Link was cheated by Ganondorf (King of the Gerudo thief.Ganondorf used the "link" to enter the "divine reality" and then turned the beautiful Hyrulean into a barren land.But Link was determined to solve the problem he helped create, so he accepted the help of "rauru", traveled around and gathered the power of the seven sages to fulfill his mission.
The main purpose of the game is to manipulate the porpoise (by 4-Square blocks each falling from the game area), move or rotate them up to 90 degrees by sideways.This is done to create a horizontal block line with no gaps, and once this line is made, it disappears, resulting in a drop in the block on either side of the deleted block line.As the game progresses, tetromines fall at a faster rate, and when all tetromines pile up and reach the top of the game area, there are no more tetromines that can enter the player's victory!A really fun game that requires the attention and quick movement skills of the players!3.
In this popular game for kids and the elderly, you can walk around and discover the environment without time constraints.These environments are different from each other and may be full of evil creatures who will be eager to attack you or help, inform, and prepare good creatures to help you.Once you have completed the given task, you have to collect the stars at each level you get.
You may face challenges such as beating the "boss", finding puzzle solutions, collecting coins and racing against opponents.You have to unlock the door in the castle by beating the main player in certain classes and get the key to the door.When you collect more stars, you can go to several classes in the castle and you will be constantly promoted to a new level.
Here, link tries to find a villain named Ganondorf from the "tower of darkness" and seals him in the dark world."Aganim" controls the beautiful Hile and uses his evil power to save ganndorf from The Dark World.Despite all the difficulties, the game was over once he succeeded.
This action game takes place on Earth, "zebes", which is a big world where each area is connected to other areas through doors and elevators.You can control "samus aran" because she is looking for "Metropolis" on this planet stolen by "ridley" (leader of the evil pirates in space ".You need to collect energy.Ups that will add Samus weapons-The collection also provides her with special abilities such as space jumps, which will make her travel long distances.
Players need to save "Princess toadstool ".If you run into an enemy, you will get hurt.If you fall into a pit or you don't have much time, you will lose your life and start over.
You can start again, or you can start at an invisible "checkpoint.You can simply skip the enemy to attack them.You can kick the shell to the enemy who is about to die.
These kicked shells may bounce back from obstacles and hit you, causing you to lose your life.You can also kill your enemies by breaking the brick box and throwing away the enemies standing on it.This is a really fast paced game for kids and adults!7.
A game for James Bond fansThere are a few missions in this game that have been extended to involve you in the sequence that Bond has no action, even the sequence that Bond plays a very minor role.The level of the game is realistic in the sense, in many places, there are unrelated rooms, there are many routes.There are documents to check your progress;The difficulty level requires you to accomplish complex goals.
Once you have completed the task, you can continue or choose to play the previous level again.8.This game is a virtual world game with three modes: "world map", "battle screen" and "Live Map ".World map features a lower version of the fictional world where you can navigate to different locations.
The world map is within walking distance, traveling on "chocobos", "submarine" or "airship.On the field map, several characters representing towns or forests were sent over.The battle screen is an area, such as the grass or the interior of a building, where you can give commands to your enemies.
This game has characters made up of polygons instead of 2D sprites.9.As a combat game, this game puts you in the shoes of Leon Kennedy, a US government agent sent to look for the daughter of president Ashley Graham.It focuses on terror, action and gun battles.
Unlike previous games, it focuses on traveling and saving weapons.You can zoom in to have one.the-Shoulder can be seen when aiming.Laser aiming adds an edge to the aim.You can always aim in different directions.10.The goal of the game is to simply find the exit room to the next Stadium marked with signs and overcome all the difficulties on the journey.
Among these odds, there are toxic pits, monsters, reeling silk ceilings, radioactive clay and locked doors, and the key card equipment for these doors can be found.The level is filled with secret areas of power.Reward the ups of the player.The surprise element makes the game very exciting and shocking.
So pick one out of 10 top video games and enjoy an exciting gaming experience!
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