video game cabinet How to Make a Video Game Console Last for Years

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
video game cabinet How to Make a Video Game Console Last for Years
Today, video game consoles are updated every few years, but that doesn't mean they can last longer.Maybe you have a friend who still has the classic Nintendo system at work, or the original Playstation.The secret of making your game console last for hours is to be careful.
Whether it's Xbox360 or Nintendo DS, your game console can last for years if you can handle it properly.1.Keep the console dry.Sprinkling water or other liquids on your game console can damage key components in its operation.You can fry its interior permanently so it can't be fixed.
Think about what happens when you throw your phone into a puddle;Unless you turn it off and drown it in a bag of rice, the chances of its survival are very slim.Next time you play the game with your friends, put the drinks on a table away from your precious video game console.2.Don't drop your console.We are all scared when your game console slides out between your fingers and crashes to the floor.
Consoles sometimes look strong, but keep in mind that they are exquisite electronics;Dropping the console may damage the part that makes it work properly.If your game console is portable (like a shiny Nintendo 3DS), dropping it will damage the screen, buttons, or wifi receiver.If you are playing a game console connected to your TV, be careful not to bump the console over.
Also take care of your console controllerThey are as sophisticated as your game equipment.3.Don't touch the lens.The lens of your video game console is irreplaceable in its importance;The lens reads your game disc and touches it can damage it permanently.Breaking your console lens means your console will no longer be able to read the game disc.
Unless you have a valid warranty, you will need to send the console out for repair, which may cost you.There are guidelines on the Internet that can help you fix the broken footage of the console yourself, but it is recommended that you do so;Unless you are willing to take apart the shell and parts of your video game console, you may do more damage.4.Keep it on a hard surface.Like any other videogame machine, the videogame machine may overheat depending on how long they are turned on or if they have enough airflow.
For example, when you are sitting in bed, turning on your laptop will block its airflow and burn your computer over time.Be sure to put your console on a hard surface, such as a wooden cabinet or coffee table, when you play the game.The carpet absorbs heat much faster than the hard surface.
Also, make sure you have enough breathing space on both sides of your console;The empty space will allow for greater airflow.5.Take care of your video games.You can't enjoy your game console if you don't have a game to play!Always remember, when you're done, take your disc out of the console and put it in their case.Having the game lying on the floor or furniture is a sure way to scratch them and make them unplayable.
At the price you pay for the new game, you should at least put them back in place.1.Give your console space.As mentioned earlier, video game consoles may overheat.Many people don't realize the space their console needs to breathe.
The best location for the game console is on its own table or shelf, surrounded by nothing but open space.If you have a wooden or glass cabinet under your TV, give the console its own special location.Not only will you extend the life of your comforter, but you will put it in a tiptop shape, too.
Avoid surrounding it with your favorite game or dvd.2.Dust your console often.Whether we clean it once a week or once a month, the dust is by our side.Dust can enter the gap and cool the fan.Dust blocking or clogging vents inside the console can cause the console to overheat without notice.
To prevent this damage, dust is often around the console.If you can, spray compressed air at the vent every once in a while to remove dust.You will be surprised how much dust your console will pile up.
See dust as one of the worst enemies of the game console.3.Keep the right side of the console up.With consoles like Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, it's easy to put the whole platform on its side because it saves space or looks better.While it may be convenient to stand on the side of the console, it will also cut off ventilation over time to attract more dust.
Even if you sacrifice space for this, it's more beneficial to keep the right side of your video game console.Do not put any objects on it;In the long run, putting unnecessary pressure on the console can cause damage.4.Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
Exposing the game console to direct sunlight or a powerful heat source can cause overheating and other electronic damage.The outside of your game console may be distorted and the inside may become fried.Or, extreme cold can damage your console as well.
As long as your console is at basic room temperature, it will not be damaged by unnecessary internal damage.Keep this in mind when storing the video game console in the attic or storage space.5.Rest the game every few hours.Running the game console for a long time can overheat, especially if you play for a few hours at a time.
Do yourself a favor with your video game console and rest every few hours.Also, don't forget to turn it off when the console is not in use;It can be tempting to keep it running until later, but your console needs a chance to cool down.If your console is too warm for you, don't hesitate to turn it off until it feels colder;Having your game console rest like this will protect its parts and extend its life.
Following these basic tips will keep your video game console clean and eventually extend its life.While the new brands and models of video game systems come out every few years, you shouldn't have to upgrade because the old console fails.To enjoy as much time as possible using your favorite console, just remember: take care of your video console and don't let it overheat.
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