video game cabinet How Firan is better then Video Gaming

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
video game cabinet How Firan is better then Video Gaming
A friend recently asked me, "What's the point of playing a game that has no winners and will never end?Now, what this conversation brings is that he has seen me play text-based games for months.My friend was a little interested, just asked what it was and then shook his nose when I told him that he had to think and read all the time.Look, my friend likes games very gaming.He loves the game, but he wants the graphics and options for him.
Don't get me wrong.
I like video games too.
I grew up in video games and I am still playing games until today, but I prefer the freedom of text-based games.Until recently, the structure and layout of video games were very reasonable.My first video game was the Atari system with a box package insideThe man and I sat there all day long, gobbling after the little white dots.
I remember the first Mario Brothers game was the classic side scrolling movement and there was no way to go back.It wasn't until you got to the end that you started the game over and over again.You can move back and forth on the screen when Mario Brothers II hits the stand, but this is still a very structured game that allows you to move step by step.
Mario Brothers III is the first game I 've seen and you can go back and replay different levels instead of being forced to move forward all the time.Your options in the game are very limited, there is only one way to do something, or take the road, that's it.For the early generation of video games, there is no "creative" solution.
Even the latest generation of video games, although they allow for more exploration in "levels", they are still very structured and allow you only to take a doomed path.Even today's most complex game must take a road that is destined to go.He was satisfied with the road he was destined for and the graphics of reality.
I need something different, though.
I found text-based games in 1990, when my game circle broke up after several members graduated from high school and left to go to college.I love role play because it is very creative and in order to find a solution you have to think and look at all the clues that are in front of you.Of course, that means you have to try several different ways.
After my circle broke, another friend told me to try the online game.If people can go and play, there are places on the Internet, she said.I was very interested and went to a place she recommended, black metal.
I am mainly playing white wolves in the form of vampires and werewolves, and the black metal is built around the White Wolf Game.I spent almost five years on black metal and immediately fell in love with online games.There is a community of players here, all of whom have the same interest and are accessible at any time.
The game is like sitting with friends, but you can imagine the text more and sit down and think about what your character will do.Also, you have to interact with people from all over the country and all over the world.I have met many people from Australia to my hometown.
But in the same game, I also saw a different point of view.Two people with the same style characters and style tasks will approach it from different angles based on the interpretation of the game.That's why it's so fun to make text-based games work outside the box.
The dark metal starts to fail, and so does the natural process of online games.Players drift and drift, games surge and then die.The original good idea was lost in the shuffle of real life.
A friend took me to another game and told me it was different from the dark world I 've been playing.The theme of the game is still dark at times, he said, but overall it is a more optimistic game.He said that it has a huge player base. he is a friend, the staff is very interesting, the plot layout is very good, the thinking is clear, and he has achieved great success.
I was introduced to Ferrand.
The foundation of Firan is fairly simple, it is a game based on Greece/Rome, but it can be said that it is set up on another planet.The history of the game is well written and complex, with many possibilities.Also, what I like is that the character is pre-Made, you don't have to worry about entering the characterPlay (rp) group.
This is one of the things I 've been trying to solve in dark metals and other games, that is, a character comes to the grid without any connection and you have to try to get them involved, found and adopted.With Firan, you can start with a circle, walk into a family, play a role and they help you learn the game.Yes, it's different from video games where you don't have a choice of characters to play or you only have body style or armor color to choose from.
This game is full of many things and brings surprises to it;Religion, society, economy, nationalism, and even sexual themes.There is often a struggle between the infidels and the real people who believe that the upper and lower classes, tribes and tribes, etc.The list continues.Here you can choose to play a noble priestess from a militant tribe, rather than a regular tailor who is eligible for other games.
In games like this, the possibilities are endless, unlike the characters you play in video games.Your imagination is the only limiting factor.I personally played a prostitute abandoned by a noble family, a conscientious young princess, a opinionated tailor, who had passed her peak, but she still made the man notice her, an emotional grandmother, a young girl, comes from a family that values women more than horses.
I can't get all of this from a video game.Now, before you say "hey!Let me explain a few things.Video games are different from text-based games.
The rules are made in a text-based game, but you can draw your own path and slide into the character's mind to see what they want and need, not what you want and need.In video games, it's hard to do it because you don't have a choice.Another aspect is that video games are always the same;You know what happens when you walk into the door.
In text-based games like Firan, you don't know what's waiting on the other side of the door.When you think you have the ability to handle the situation, the staff and other players in the game will throw you a curve ball and let you think quickly.In video games, I never felt my heart racing, but several times I logged off from Firan and felt physically and mentally exhausted from the rp that happened.
This is the text-based game I love, it attracts you and makes you feel different.You will live with your character and cry and laugh together.You can't get this from video games, you're sure to get frustrated when characters die and you have to start over, but you can't be in text-based games like FiranAnother thing I like about text-based games is that they are always different.
Unlike video games, the first level is always the same, while games like Firan always have different things happening.For example, on Firan, there is a situation of role-playing every day --But there are also planned activities.Spring Festival, autumn season, Olympic Games, War season and resolution day are just a few of them.
There are also random graphs that contain the entire grid and attract everyone.For me, video games are what you do when you don't want to think, but you want to go through time and entertainment instead of just watching TV.It's no problem, I still take out the old Playstation and Nintendo from time to time, play video games, curl up in a blanket and go out.
It is fun!But the real fun comes when your imagination is challenged and put into use, and that's where I find it really interesting.So, in order to answer my friend's questions, I like interesting games, stimulating my brain without repetition, making decisions freely in the game plot, instead of worrying about the limited number of levels and allowing interaction with people from all over the world.http://firan.legendary
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