video game cabinet 3 Steps to Get A Winning Career in Video Games Simply

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
video game cabinet 3 Steps to Get A Winning Career in Video Games Simply
So you want to simply get into the video game industry?Well, there's a way to do that.People ask a simple question every day: "How do I get into the video game industry?"Sometimes the problem stops and sometimes the problem goes on," How do I get an interview?What kind of company should I look?Is my dream possible?Okay, let's come back-Come on, talk about the first word of video games.Passion.Yes, that's it.Do you have a passion and love for video games?That's simple.
If you say yes to this answer, then you can get into the video game industry.That word says everything.Why passion?Because I am a true believer, the lies you hear, the same is true of your wealth.Okay, so you're pretty sure you're passionate, right now?Well, you need some skills to qualify you for the position you are looking.
Since I am a concept artist, I will focus this article on the artistic side, but it does apply to all aspects of the gaming industry.Knowledge is the next step in your successful career in video games.When you have passion to learn knowledge or skills, you can gain the knowledge or skills of the field you are trying to break through.
But let's take another step back and look at the game industry.The gaming industry is constantly changing, which is great for people who want to start video games.With the development of technology and the development of the industry, new positions are constantly emerging, wages are constantly rising, and the game market is also developing rapidly.
There is enough space for shooting.
When you look for the expertise or knowledge you can bring to the industry, you will want to keep up with the industry trends.So now that you have passion and skills, how do you use them to get your lucrative career?You work hard through the doorman.What do I mean?The doorman is anyone who gets in the way of you and your dreams.
They are everywhere!The doorman may be a secretary and will not make it easy for you to get an interview.Or maybe the doorman is the head of the company and doesn't want you to move forward for one reason or another.You can have a private doorman, yourself, tell yourself that you can't do it, you're an outcast, etc.
They're all over.
But it's a secret.
There is one thing that can take over any doorman you may come.Hard work and determination.Is it really as easy as hard work and determination?Yes, hard work and ease are OK in the same sentence.Let me tell you what to do.It's easy to work hard when it's your passion.
That's why I say passion needs to be a qualifier for whether or not you should get into the video game industry.With it, you can get whatever you want from it.Without passion, you will be lucky to get anything from the video game industry.
So how do we get through the hard-working gatekeepers?The old adage "When there is a will, there is a way" to begin to play a role.Let's go to the company and be the doorman.The developer you are trying to find a job has a specific Secretary, but she will not connect you to any department head.
Hard work and determination will be rewarded first by research into the company.See if this developer is making the game you want to make.Are they hiring people now?If so, how would they like to see your portfolio?Find out that they may not be any contact of the Secretary.
Go to their personal website and see if there is a name for direct recruitment.Send them an email.Do you understand what I mean?This is about perseverance and hard work.With these three principles, you will be able to find any job you want in the video game industry.
I know it sounds great and it can't be true, but please continue to prove that I am right
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