video game arcade Violence And Video Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
video game arcade Violence And Video Games
From California congressman Joe Baca {D} to Daniel Petric's Halo 3 murder trial, violence and video games seem to be intertwined, whether or not there are congressional media or people who are very upset, seriously.From video game forums, blogs, articles, and other media, I read a lot of ideas about violence in video games and how violence affects human behavior, or better yet, how it affects human behaviorSome players think that violence will increase the realism of the game, and some players like violence. But won't kill their mom or shoot their dad for taking their Halo 3 Game la Daniel Petric.
California Congressman Joe Baca is hoping to give a health alert to video games, saying "warning: excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media is related to aggressive behavior.Real Joe?For all the research in the past, as well as the connection between violent video games and militant behavior in the future, they never agreed to do so.For each study that you find that there is a connection between the two, you will find that the other statement is different.
A lot of things, if not all of them imitate reality.You see it on TV and movies, hear it in music, read it in the newspaper.If you only watch news, cable or local TV, you will think that the damn world is over tomorrow.
The first media mentioned above does have a warning or rating, heck, the news should have as well.In my personal research, I came to the conclusion that I could pick something in a person's life and say it was a connection.I'm joking, but I'm serious.Look, I know there's a doomsday reference for video game-related cases like the corenbyn murder, daniel Petric of Halo 3 and several cases of car theft are the culprit more than life.
These cases are much deeper than video games.When these people do what they do, we don't know exactly what they are going through.We don't know what kind of family these people grew up in.
Some people really don't have it all mentally, if that's the case, a movie, a song, news or anything else that might come across could be a trigger, but not a link.Reality is violence, violence is reality, both are copied in many forms of entertainment.They are one in my opinion, which is why video game developers try to make certain games copy reality like movies as much as possible.
It's almost as if it's a necessary evil, and without these particular types of games you lose a lot of consumers and lose more work without those foundations.Violence has always existed and will always exist.Violence in video games is not linked to aggressive behavior more closely than any other media entertainment.
Violence is intertwined with many things, and the mental capacity and state of conduct leading to tragic events is another article on another day.Say this or that is linked to apples and oranges.Whether violent or not, video games are still the favorite of home entertainment, and global revenues continue to show this every year.
Life is unpredictable, people do crazy things, the problem is more serious than violence in video games
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