video game arcade Video Game Localisation No Child's Play

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
video game arcade Video Game Localisation No Child\'s Play
The world of video games is full of incredible creativity;That's true!The PlayStation, Game Boy and even the smartphone are like a portal that opens up an amazing universe.But the most surprising thing is that players around the world are playing the same game no matter the country, faith, color or language.How is it possible?Localization of translation and video games makes it possible for these video games to dominate a wide variety of people in the gaming world.
Video game software and hardware need to be modified to enable it to enter new areas.Please consider the following names: Songpu Zhengya, iron Wu, Tiantian Cong, Kojima Xiufu and Miyamoto.Did you know that these five Japanese gentlemen are one of the top ten video game designers?Like metal gears and all-Due to the magic of video game translation and localization, consuming Pokemon is a common phenomenon.
Economic factors drive the decision to localize the game.The by-Profit is the word.The consideration of financial feasibility determines the degree of localization.The first level is to completely avoid localization.
This is possible if the manufacturer believes that the game has a potential market in a new area and there is no change.The second level is to localize the packaging and the manual, not the game itself.This is possible if the target market has a fair understanding of the original language, or if the game does not have much text or story.
Level 3 includes translating the game text while keeping the original audio file, so that the game can be understood in another language without the extra cost of hiring an actor for voiceovers.Sub-Titles will help with the development of the game.The last layer is the big job of localization, and the assets of all games will be translated and localized --Box packaging, game text, manuals, graphics, audio, etc.
This is an expert and expensive task that is a prerequisite for AAA gaming.Video games have a lot of assets and localization has to take all of them into account.Text translation is a big chunk of localization.
Not just manuals, scripts, and subtitles, but practical software such as a word processor or an Internet browser needs to be translated into the target language.Company logo, legal labeling requirements, technical information, etc are also required.To translateThe space provided in the original language must be appropriately modified and utilized to match the target language.
In order to keep the game aesthetic, artistic assets must be changed.The recording must be an expert job and needs to adjust the accent and habits of the character lineup to local tastes.Hardware Transformation.Delete part of the game or add new content.
Video game localization is designed to create a pleasant experience that is only possible if the game is in line with the cultural context.More and more games are stories, not actions.In this case, localization must take into account the sensitivity of the target audience and avoid the sensitivity.
Video games positioned in the German market must take into account the country's strictness in describing racist symbols such as blood, violence, disrespect and improper language, and the NazisChina is not an open society and has a strict review of the content: anything that may be interpreted as endangering China's reunification or threatening China's territorial integrity will be banned.Localization must avoid controversy, otherwise when the big brother hits the finished product, all the money spent in the process will be lost.That's probably why most games are set up in virtual land and in the world!Two points in the game development process may be localized.
The post-The Gold model allows local players to access completed games to do their job.In this case, because the picture is complete, there are very few translation errors, if any.But the disadvantage of this shipping mode is that there is a time difference between the original version and the release of the localized version, which may open the door to piracy.
The sim-Ship (shipping at the same time) mode is dedicated to releasing games at the same time in different markets.Although this avoids the threat of piracy, translation errors are more likely to occur.This is because locators may not be able to get the full version of the game, resulting in misconceptions about the context.
It's like trying to improve the fixture --See many missing puzzles.Who did localization?Video games are becoming more and more complex.In the 2000 s, a lone wolf localizer with a phrase book was sufficient for the necessary translation/localization.
Today, translating and localizing content into five languages can involve up to 270 actors and 130 people!How complicated and long the process is!Localization of video games requires professional knowledge, which is the field of professional and technical personnel.Outsourcing translation and localization to professionals is a wise decision.With the imminent threat to intellectual property rights, the choice of translation companies has become crucial.
Due to concerns about piracy and "leaks", many external sources only offer part of the game.This "blind localization" means a lack of context, resulting in many errors in game translation and localization.In fact, sometimes, playing an almostThe finished game gives the locals a great feeling of what they need and the opportunity to improve their work.
Working with a professional, skilled, enthusiastic, trusted team, will provide the best translation and localization of a product or service.This is all about Mayflower language services.Our ISO certification is no less than Mayflower \'s proud connection with industry elites such as FICCI and NASSCOM.
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