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by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Ofxa0The original World War-a network of despair, endless trenches and chaotic political and imperial motives-was not a simple basis for video games.However, through a series of short, localized, multi-Not only did Battlefield 1 capture something that was honest and respectful of the Great War, but it also got the best singleSeen in the military shooting game for a long time player experience.Each story is focused on a soldier or squad, in the unlikely big-Conflict of scale, but also strive for something closer to home.
The first two cover the plight of everyone.The black American infantry and a British soldier, known as Harlem Hell Fighter, found himself driving a solid but unreliable Mark V tank behind enemy lines.While these chapters give a good introduction to the shooting mechanics and tanks of the gameDriving, so far they are the most tedious in the game, leaving a slow first impression.
The rest of the four chapters are much better as the players board the sky with two exciting chaptersThe plane scuffles, storms on the beach in gariballi, and fights alongside Lawrence of Arabia as a female Bedoin rebel.The slower, stale weapons and vehicles make some deliberate grinding matches compared to the fast racepaced kill-Many people will get used to it.Especially the new game mode operation-Based on the real battle of historyTwo teams can be seen in an hour-long war of consumption.
Harsh environment and excellent sound designWhat is worth noting in the campaignAs you know, become absorbed in multiplayerThe close-range shell explosion is not part of a well-planned performance, but the action that other players aim to end your life.Battlefield 1 feels like a battlefield game, but it's another thing.This is history.It can't explain social problems very well.
The political atmosphere of war is like a book or a documentary, it doesn't delve into personal stories as deeply as the heart of war, but it conveys something meaningful about this globe, the terrible events of our past
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