video game arcade Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Your Kids Want For Christmas This Year - Guaranteed!

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
video game arcade Top 10 Xbox 360 Games Your Kids Want For Christmas This Year - Guaranteed!
Xbox 360 is the biggest hit for Christmas gifts last year.The reason is obvious: more visuals, better consoles, incredible actions, and excellent game choices.This year, teenagers will play Xbox 360 games with their friends again, compare school games and buy, rent or exchange New Xbox games this year.
Here are some of the top picks for Christmas 2006, including action, adventure, shooting, sports and characters --playing.Something for everyone.1.Gears of War -This is next.The whole content of Gen game!I 've logged in for over 13 hours of game time so far and haven't even finished yet, but that's because I'm milking this baby and it's worth it.The campaign experience is worthy of taste, as there may not be any more similar experience for a considerable period of time.
Gears of War is one of the games that happens every few years, and it raises the threshold so high that it almost destroys every game released in the next six months.This third-The person shooter game pushes players into a deep and tragic story about the epic battle of survival between humans and Locust tribes, a nightmare creature race from within the Earth.Gears of War are largely about teamwork.All game modes, levels, and scenes are specially designed to encourage cooperative games, whether with.
Partner or human player (with.
Teammates with specific strengths, weaknesses and personalities ).In addition, players can discuss strategies with friends through voice recognition and voice chat.2.Tom Clancy's Ghost Reconnaissance Advanced FighterWith the emergence of Tom Clancy's Ghost reconnaissance premium fighter, the face of the war has changed.
The enemy line is blurred and there is no clear opponent.New enemies and threats require a new type of war and a new type of soldier.Enter the ghost.In 2013, the U.S.The army will implement its integrated combat system.
IWS combines advanced weapon systems, satellite communications equipment, and enhanced viability capabilities into a fully integrated combat system.Armed with cutting-edge weapons and communication systems, you will find yourself, a ghost, immersed in the detailed universe of future wars.One player exclaimed: "This game is a pure display of the next generation of games.
Graphica is very gorgeous and it actually helps to immerse you in the story.The story is attractive enough to really care about Mexico City...Do yourself a favor and buy this game.3.Old scroll 4: Forget-Like the early games in the scrolls series, forgetting aims to present a living fantasy world that gamers experience in their own way.
There are more than 1,000 NPCs in the game, each living a fully implemented life, following a regular schedule based on their individual needs, needs and location.Players are encouraged to interact in this world when they choose, as noble heroes, greedy villains, or anything in.The main story of the game and its branch lines provide a lot of speedMobile adventure.
One fan suggested: "This game is like a Crack.A huge environment;Beautiful graphics;Great ambient music and sound;Completely immerse yourself in the game.This game is incredible.If you like RPG best, buy it.4.The night of the third round of fighting"Battle night 3" easily defeated the game, bringing the most intense boxing video game experience ever to the virtual boxing ring.
Film-High quality graphics establish battle Night 3 as one of the best Xbox 360 sports games ever to watch and play.Graphics have a devastating impact unmatched in any game or movie.Outside the ring, players can build fierce competition through the frontBattle events and trash talk, invest more purpose and passion behind each of their blows.
The visual effect of "Battle night 3" is very good, which actually enhances the gameplay of the game.The game has been improved from the excellent experience of the second round.5.Tom Clancy's split Cell Double spyThe best-selling Tom Clancy's split cell game presents a whole new direction.
For the first time, you play a double agent in the Splinter Cell double agent.You will assume the dual role of covert operations and ruthless terrorists, in which case your choice of who to betray and who to protect will actually affect the outcome of your game.Experience relentless tension and intuitionThe dilemma of life as a double spy.
But the most important thing is to save and protect innocent people.How far will you go to win the trust of the enemy?As secret agent Sam Fisher, you will dive into an evil terrorist organization and try to destroy it from.Weigh the consequences of your actions carefully-Kill too many terrorists and blow your cover.
Hesitating, millions will die.
Do everything you can to get your task done, but get out alive.6.Lego Star Wars 2: Original Trilogy-The war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance has left the Galaxy away from the great chaos!But fortunately, Lego is easy to rebuild.Played through the original trilogy Star Wars, Empire counterattack, and return of the Jedi, as all three films were remadeMake with Lego blocks.
You can play one of 50 different roles and even get out of the vehicle and take a variety of creatures.Our suggestion: if you like the first Star Wars game, this game will definitely appear on your list.If you have never played the first game, then this game must be in your list!So seriously, there is no reason not to own and play this game.
Madden NFL 07 -With Madden NFL 07, innovative quick controls allow you to control running games like you did beforeNew jukes, cuts and the unique running style of your favorite back.For the first time, in a football video game, you can stand up and make a hole as a leading blocker, and then control the rear tailboard to rush in, jump over, or tear off anything possibleWhen you go to the terminal area, be tacky.A fan is raving, "Overall, that's exactly what I want.
..The new features are all fun, and the personal camera view for each location in superstar mode gives you a feeling of really playing a role.It will be a great game to play alone or with a group of friends.8.Dead Rising -The rise of death tells the tragic story of Frank West, an over-zealous freelance photographer looking for a life-long scoop.
Looking for clues, he came to a small town in the suburbs and found zombies everywhere.He fled to the local shopping center and thought it would be a safe fortress, but it turned out to be by no means.In an endless stream of zombies that survive in the fierce struggle, players have a real shopping center rule that uses whatever they find to repel meat-hungry mob.
The various stores in the mall provide players with endless resources, including vehicles, temporary weapons, etc.Players encounter other survivors in the process and gain valuable clues about what happened and how to survive by helping them.I can't say better than a fan: "thousands of zombies are killed in countless ridiculous ways;There are many things that can be seen and tried in the entire shopping center;Great sense of style;A plot that tries to be intriguing without interfering with too many actions;And wonderful sound effects.
Saints Row -Welcome to the open Stilwell.
City of the world with an attitude, a city controlled by hostile gangs, a city where you are about to take over the ranks of Saints.As a low-In the Third Street Saints, you will do everything you can to get the money and build the respect and strength you need to reach the top.Be careful, though.Your actions will have consequences in the game, with new threats lurking in every corner.
Many vehicles can be "borrowed", pedestrians can be hit or robbed at gunpoint, and there are various missions to advance the main storyline of the game.Some features include: fun, responsive driving control;excellent on-Shooting action;Impressive presentation featuring amazing explosions and excellent audio;and a well-written, well-The behavioral story that forces you to continue playing.10.Killer: Blood MoneyOn the escape of the rival assassin, the Agent 47 jumped a plane and was responsible for the US business in "Killer: Blood Money.
The player will lead Agent 47 to hit the ball in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.It is up to the player to decide how to hit, but the "rookie training" mode can show amateur assassins how to help the target "accident ", \ "by pushing the victim to the ledge or pinning him under heavy objects.The amount earned from the completed work varies depending on the cleanliness and professional spirit of the hit person.
The Agent 47's salary can be paid in a number of ways, including bribing journalists, using a custom weapon in one of the 15 upgrades or paying information to pedestrians.Open-End the stealth action game and let you sneak around or run away and shoot;The exquisite task suit looks big and complicated;All kinds of realistic weapons;The perfect combination of action and strategy
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