video game arcade Tasmanian comedian Justin Heazlewood talks about his new book Get Up Mum

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Jessica Willardxa0Caught up with Tasmanian-My childhood was a big bang for loneliness and chaos.I always knew that I would write this book one day.In my 20 s I will be on the list of "things to do --xa0Drink milk, drink milk, write a memoir of childhood.
It's never a good time to have a baby, quit smoking or write your life story, it just happens.At four o'clock A.M. one morning, you woke up, crying softly, and wrote a whole chapter.Your water is broken.The truth, baby.This story needs to be made public and I need to make it public that I am a child care worker with a mentally divided parent.
I love my mom but her symptoms leave a sad mark on my life..There are many interesting places, such as life.I described it as a collaboration between grown-up Justin and kid Justin.
As a 12-year-When I was in the seventh grade, I recorded the tape at home and wrote a diary.Just like I left traces of crumbs to others.It's me now.It's very powerful to listen to those tapes.
They are like a time capsule that passes through the time machine.I have recovered 1993 of my life, but this time I control myself.I have been hinting, sowing and raising flags for some time.
Mental illness is sometimes mentioned.
Anyone who bought The Bedroom Philosopher's album and listened to the whole thing will know that I always have heartfelt and melancholy songs in the mix.People pay attention to the interesting side of me and ignore the serious side-this is the story of my life..About being an artist in Australia-including a whole chapter of my childhood.
It's like a portal drug to me-revealing the practice of the whole story.I was crying myself, but my mother was surprisingly supportive., Describes the sound that the mother makes when she bites her teeth-a kind of body twitch that is common to mental division.
Just like the bones of the bird, it snapped.For people who grew up with mental illness, this is not some of the terrible professional topics you talk about every six months.This is the most normal thing in the world.
It’s every day.
It’s life.
I have been fighting depression and anxiety for eternity.Most philosophers in the bedroom practice to get rid of the ghosts of my childhood.On 1988, the Queen came to Bernie and declared it a city.
on recorder.
From 1987 to 1993, I am a member of the Bernie surf club.It was a rust when Tioxide dumped chemicals into the ocean.xa0Color.This will definitely make you stronger.As a child, you can't say there's nothing you can do.
There is even a slot car track at 1990 Wynyard.My favorite party is Shorewell video arcade or Burnie Ten Pin bowling alley and you will live with Turbo for Burnie Show and I am lucky to be alive after ridingThis book is scheduled for 1993, when Bernie got McDonald's for the first time, I was speaking andxa0Drama.From history see is accurate.Looking back, I like the feeling that nature has given me.
I used to go for a jungle walk with Nan.
The West walking club and Monteiro Elementary School are full of jungle areas.Burnie Park is beautiful and my mom and I will go there and scold it for emu biting my finger.The children have a close connection with nature, and I think all the natural beauty scenes have calmed me down.
All the swimming and running around me may be the reason for my emotional survival.I am a little guy who has made great achievements.I have at least sixteen lawyer certificates.
For anyone who has had the experience of growing up with parents of mental illness, it's like a hug, a wake-up phone, and a storm cloud.I 've got people coming out of social media and thanking them for talking about these things on the radio.This is a lonely business, caring for others.
The problem with mental illness is that it affects many people.This is very common, but because everyone is confused and ashamed of it, we become very skilled in keeping quiet and pretending things are normal.It's a bit like Tasman, isn't it?Don't make a fuss, just do your best and hope notYou will be hurt.
Well, this is my huge fuss.
I'm a kid with fireworks in the middle of the night.xa0Neon green.I want the world to know what's going on.My mother and I are the best secrets of Bernie.An only child is alone with a mentally divided mother every Friday.
A lot of people know what's going on, but no.What did one do?I need help, but no.Someone really asked.That's not the case today.Boys are not men.They need a fun-The conversation began.We need to standardize these things, and the best way is to practice talking about it.We know that cancer is the same as MS. the split is the same. it's just a stranger. it's more personal.Onexa0100 of people have it, so it's as common as autism.
I'm going to the south and Pope's house in winyade on the weekend.I am very happy. my mother will not come until lunch on Sunday.I put my gear in their Subaru suitcase and sat in the back seat with my video tennis game.
Soon, it was just the drone of the engine and the car whizzing through the window.I have Nan and Pop myself.The closer we get to winyad, everything feels more comfortable.It is more beautiful than Bernie, more trees and less traffic.
We drove by the sea.
There is a table corner loom in the distance.It was lovely when the sun began to fall under the clouds and the sky turned orange.The Cape is watching the sea like a guard.
It had a lighthouse on its head, which reminded me of the siren in his hat.Nan and Pop's are mustard weather boards next to a big tree.The garden greeted me immediately in color.
The Red, White and Yellow Springs fall off the bed like cheerleaders.The roses in full bloom are waiting.My favorite is a plant called "taboo", which has rich dark red velvet petals.They gathered in a group.I want to bury my face in it like a puff from Nan.
I took a big sip of fresh perfume.
Every time I was surprised by Nan's garden.There was sea breeze and soft grass at the foot, and the birds twitched.The lawn is like a key hole, surrounded by various shrubs, daisies, vines and trees.
There is a bird bath and a canary bird house, as well as a vegetable patch and a hot house.Like a small farm.There is life everywhere-even inside, pet parrot Sparky is locked in a cage and chirping away.We need her to take those pills again.Nan and I stopped in the rocking chair in the yard.
As I massage my feet on the terrace tiles, the air surrounds my bare legs.This is where we sit down and chat before drinking tea.The birds are tweeting.Plants are nodding their heads.Nan's garden is better than TV.The terrace is full of orchids in beer bottles and hanging floats collected by Nan while washing on the beach.
They remind me of the old diving helmet.
In these chats, Nan usually does most of the conversation.I like to listen.Nan knows a lot about things and has his own opinion on everything.She often ends her point by saying "this is in my book," and I remind her that she has to actually write the book.
We're talking about mom now.
Nan was very unhappy to see our house like this."Justin, the status of the laundry room is shocking!I looked down at the cobblestone pattern on the brick.I feel bad.I asked you, the poor cat had to use such dirty garbage.
The water in the washing machine has risen to heaven.Justin, how long have those clothes been sitting there?I tried not letting Nan know about these things-she was so excited.I hope I'm not letting her downShould I do those jobs?"Mom has been out of order for a while.
"Well, I hope you let me know earlier and we can go there and have a look.But you know what kind of person she is, she won't let me suck in dust, and she won't let me see what's in the fridge.Her impression of her mother is vague and high-profile.
‘I’m alright.
I’ll do it.
I just had a headache.
Nan turned to me with his eyes wide open and his mouth low."Justin, I know she hasn't left that bed all day!She walked forward again and took a sip of beer.My head feels full.I don't know what to say in these conversations.
I don't have many useful answers.
I said, I emptied the bin and washed the cat bowl.Nan lifted her heavy hand and hit it on my thigh.I think it should be tender but it hurts a bit.
‘Good onya man.
You're big enough now, and you can go in and make sure you get some of the work done.You made sure she took the damn pills.Do you think she took it?Hmm.I really don't know.Not every day.I often hear the clicking sound of the bottle.I think she took it.‘I think so."But did you see that she took it?Did you see her swallowing them?My heart is running.
I don't want to let Nan down.
"I will make sure she will.
You should go in and say "Sorry Mom, but did you swallow the pills ?".Her voice softened to impress me.You never know, Justin.I don't know if she hid them under her tongue.I don't know if she will spit out after that.
When Blossum needs to take a worm tablet, mom hides the tablet in a broken meat ball.I can make a joke, but it's too serious.We are going in for tea soon.Nan told me that I must be strong.The strong survive, the weak ...... They fell down.Nan said I'll be fine as long as I talk about my problems-it's not good to bottle things.Unless it's at home.I said calmly, but South did not hear the joke.
"It's part of your mom's problem and she leaves things to herself.I always wanted her to open up."Molin, let me know if something is bothering you.But she won't.She kept silent until she reached the point of screaming, and God bless, she had it for dad and me over the years.
When I was a baby or still not born, a lot of family stories happened.When I was a baby, my mother had to stay in a mental hospital.No-All I know is that she didn't have a good time.
"Your mother used to dislike psychiatrists.They don't do damn things except distribute the pills.She is a great woman when she is in good health.
Nan said what I already knew.
She was in trouble when we circled.
I listened over and over again.
I think of the school, Tennille, Nick and the surf club.I didn't think of everything until I thought of it.She looks much better today, I said.Yes, I noticed that her eyes were a little brighter.
A little.
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