video game arcade Farming Simulator 19 creators donate to Drought Angels

by:BLEE     2019-07-02
Behind the scenes of the newly released agricultural computer game "agricultural simulator 19" has made an impact in the real agricultural world by helping drought relief.Give players the opportunity to run their own farm in complex details, from buying tractors and tools to analyzing the price of the goods for maximum profit.Earlier versions of the game have proved very popular, with FS19 selling more than 1 million copies in the first 10 days of release.
France and Switzerland-Help struggling Australian farmers release the game last month.Angel of droughtFounder and Director of Tash Johnston said the organization is very grateful to the team behind the agricultural simulator franchise, who generously supported Australian farmers when they needed it."This donation enables us to provide much-needed practical assistance to front-line farming families and the communities they live in," MS Johnston said .
Darren mcbai, general manager of Five Star Games, said the company and its international partners believe that all efforts must be made to achieve the initiative to give back to Australian farmers."We all only respect the tireless and effective work that the drought angels have done to bring much needed emotional support and economic relief to the needy Australian farmers," Mr. McWhite said.Martin Rabl, marketing manager for giant software, said there is a real connection between new games and those who live in new games.
"Unfortunately, unlike our games, the effects of drought are real," says Mr Martin Rabl ."."Working with Drought Angels allows us to give back something to our most respected Australian farming community.There is also an argument in terms of helping dry areas to benefit players.
FS19 belongs to the category known as "mind games", providing players with a sense of immersion to change the rhythm and depth, which is of great benefit to mental health.Dr. Jeffrey BrandWhile common narratives tend to focus on adrenalinefuelled, fast-paced and all-Due to the competitive nature of the game, its ability to calm and positively influence is often overlooked.It is revealed that there are now 67 Australians playing video games, of which 76 PCs easily identify mental health as the biggest benefit of playing video games.
Attention quality of agricultural simulator lingering in simulated farm life, stable task-The countryside is based on action and tranquility.According to Professor Brand, it is this commitment to recreate every detail that makes the Farming Simulator such an effective attention experience for players."Fanatical, alwaysThe rhythm of modern life can make us feel disconnected from the simpler pleasures of life, such as the relative tranquility of the countryside.
Games that simulate the real world, such as farm simulator 19, can bring significant cognitive and sensory advantages --"Slow Down players and immerse them in familiar and relaxed tasks and scenes, otherwise they will not be able to reach these tasks and scenes today," he said .".Professor Brand said that the benefits of mindfulness games can even go beyond health. the benefits of education are --Type of product.
"Slow content, known for its agricultural simulator 19, also promotes learning."In our study, adults on 86 pc said video games have improved their general knowledge, and 75 pc reported that expertise has increased," he said ."."The details and accuracy provided by the agricultural simulator 19 means that it is an ideal platform for all Australians to understand the land and agricultural business.
Breeding simulator 19xa0Available Nowxa0On PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
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