video game arcade Children Can Learn With Classic Toys

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Are we losing our kids in a hypnotic video game trance?Have they become "drones" in the "video age?Sometimes this seems to be the case when many children spend one hour after another in front of the video screen, pressing the button or joking around the joystick.But the parents of the child say enough, let's find some alternatives to education.However, it was not long ago when we were children.We have real toys.classic toys.Ahh..Tinker Toys..Stick, stick, shaft, spoke..Simple, but true, classic toys were invented in 1914 by Charles Pajeau, who was a stonemaker in the trade of Evanston, Illinois.Inspired by the children's play with pencils, sticks and empty spools, he created his new toy.He saw them improvise their imagination and wondered if there was any improvement in what they were doing.He designed his first Tinker Bell toys in the garage and showed them at the American toy show in 1914.Alas, there was no interest in his tinkering toys.So he tried it again, this time it was Christmas, but he had a new marketing plan.Pajeau has hired several midgets to put them on elf outfits.He then asked them to "play" with the tinkering toy in the shop window of the Chicago department store, and with that promotion a new toy was born.More than a year later, more than 1 million sets of Tinker Bell toys have been sold!Lincoln log is the invention of John Lloyd Wright, son of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and can be used to build log cabins.The interlocked logs invented in 1916 were formed after the foundation of the Tokyo earthquake --Young Wright witnessed the construction of the Royal Hotel.During World War I, it became fashionable to encourage American patriotism and Americans to buy American-made products, so the new toy was named after one of our most respected presidents, Abraham LincolnThe original TV set sold very well, and it became more popular with the introduction of TV in the United States.In fact, Lincoln log is one of the first toys to advertise and promote on TV.Using the popularity of Western films in early television, Lincoln log was successfully promoted in the Pioneer Theater in 1953.The Lincoln Log is still available today and has stood the test of time.In fact, until 1975, Lincoln Logs are still sold at a rate of 1 million sets per year.A complex toy that challenges young people to use their imagination and improve their handsEye coordinationhttp://www.moneybizhome.
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