video game arcade cabinet ColecoVision to iPhone Games Part 19

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
video game arcade cabinet ColecoVision to iPhone Games Part 19
In these 19 parts of this series, we will explore some of the classic moments when video game designers are undoubtedly right and provide an unforgettable, lasting and progressive gaming experience.At the current major historical moment \ rof video game design, we have watched the Bungies Halo with Halo \ r2, The Elder Scrolls series of Bethesdas, metrodos Metroid and several others.The goal of this series is to go beyond simple game magazines and iPhone apps and look closely at the factors that define the memorability and quality in game design.
In these 19 sections of this series, we will explore some of the classic moments that video game designers are undoubtedly right about and offer an unforgettable, lasting and progressive gaming experience.Developed by Atari let \ r (arcade) and released to the arcade in 1985, this is a crazy revelation.First of all, the game cabinet is absolutely huge, which dwarfs the rest of the machines at the time.
At first glance, galet has asked players to pay attention.Galet is the first arcade game with a level system where users can choose between wizards, Warriors, elves and Valkyrie, and everyone has their own strengths (Magic, power, speed, defense) and short (poor defense, poor magic, poor hand opponent ability, no real strength ).This is also the first game to allow four players to play at the same time, because before starting their journey, it is often possible to see a team of players taking up space in the game.
With Gauntlet, unlike any other game, players can feed the machine since then in exchange for more health and magic.This becomes an actual need, and the player's health is lost over time.Galet is also one of the first games characterized by sound, and of course the first to feature such a large number of sounds.
Arcade gamers will always remember this classic game and Wizards need food very much!Or Valkyrie will die!Although \ r was created with a voice chip, it is not actually sampled from humans, but these sounds are accurate and help players experience it more deeply.In the process of focusing on challenges, many areas of the game are volunteering for this series of articles.As mentioned earlier, this game offers a very unique arcade experience.
The characters are diverse, the sound jumps forward, and the cooperative nature of the game raises the stakes in several ways.However, since the individual components of the isolated game are the subject of this series, we will list the multiplayer components of the game separately.When investigating the video game landscape, multiplayer is by no means an anomaly.
However, multiplayer games that are allowed to play at the same time are almost non-existent.By allowing players to explore together, developers not only greatly increase their potential revenue, but also create an experience of digital Dungeons and Dragons as a sample of the sounds of dungeon owners.The galet machines at that time can often be found with four joysticks occupied, with more than $20 worth in the first few quartersLoad as well-equipped heroes will set out on their journey to complete the incredibly long and challenging tasks.
However, this multiplayer component goes far beyond the gimmicks of just grabbing a quarter, as it becomes more difficult to get on with the game with real teamwork.Give up food for teammates in need, cast spells at the right time, create enemy transfers so players can reach the exit point, this is just some way for team work to give players an edge in this epic arcade game.In order to make them a group event, introduce them to the shocking technology and game design progress at the time, and, gauntlet offers an opportunity to challenge the most skilled players (or the team of 4 people \ rgamers) and it always wins the greatest ever in the history of the \ rarcade game.
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