video game arcade Are Gamers the Next Wave of Creatives? Why Video Games Boost Your Writing Skills

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
video game arcade Are Gamers the Next Wave of Creatives? Why Video Games Boost Your Writing Skills
Play video games.With numbers like this, you have a great company if you like games.But what if it could be more than that?So today we're going to put the game under the microscope.Here's how video games can help you become a better writer.
Video games make you old.
Clichés are the bane of any good writer.
When creating compelling stories with original plots and characters, avoiding them is the key.So you'll be happy to know that video games make you old and old.savvy.Video games, like any type of game, have clichés that are overused.
Playing a game that uses them a lot is one of the fastest ways to get unmotivated and boring.But this feeling, this familiar feeling, can be weapons in your writing.Clichés are common because they are both familiar and easy.
The best way to avoid overusing metaphors is to first understand what they are.The game can help you to do this, because there are many metaphors in the game that can also be found in the novel.So when you play the game, even if it's a bad game, you're learning what shouldn't be done.
"Show don't tell" is a writing motto for a reason.It encourages your readers to be active participants in your story, increasing the immersion of the audience.Video games happen to be the ideal tool to teach your writer brain presentation instead of telling.
If you ever played a game in a nasty voiceIn explaining every detail of the story, you will know how frustrated the hand handle will beThrough a story.Good games can't do that.Good video games, both in the environment and in the story, encourage exploration.This encouragement, as a writer, can be taken away.
Don't "tell" your audience a fact or feeling, but "show" them through an evocative description or action.The time we don't write is as important as the time we spend on pen-to-paper (or finger-to-keyboard.As the saying goes: you can't pour from an empty cup.
The game is not only a way to relax, but also a constructive way.This is because the purpose of the game is to challenge and reward you.The latter, literally.Available in the brain's reward pathway.This growth will bring more motivation, more willpower, and a great feeling.
This is one of the reasons why the game is so addictive.But this ascension is a gospel for your writing.Or a game of a destroyer.for J.K..As a creative, the game is not a boring hobby.
it can help us achieve the author's goals.Whether you're avoiding clichés, relaxing constructively, or learning how to show off not telling, the game can help you write more effective and engaging stories.Want to play your writing game?Hire a virtual writing instructor.
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