video game arcade 10 Benefits Of Video Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
video game arcade 10 Benefits Of Video Games
Video and computer games are no longer just a fashion, but a part of life.Now, the first generation of video game players have grown up, and they bring their passion to adulthood.Parents and teachers are worried that games have a negative impact on their children, and there have been many reports about games that lead to violence and addiction.
Games help sick or injured children.
Absorption in the game can free the brain from pain and discomfort.Many hospitals encourage children and others who are receiving painful treatment to play games.2.University of Nottingham Professor Griffiths wrote in a medical journal that playing games can help children with attention deficit.
Research shows that children can acquire social skills.3.Many medical departments use computer games as a form of physical therapy.The game also helps those who recover from physical injuries gain motor skills and coordination skills.
Video games and computer games are known to improve handseye co-Help players gain many skills.5.The game prompts decision-making and technical players to think down-to-earth.6.The game has created team players and honed social skills.
As we all know, games can enhance creativity and instill a taste of graphics, design, and technology.8.Many games improve language and math skills as players have to move with the heroes in the game at extremely fast speeds.9.Video and Computer Games help children gain confidence, many of which are based on history, city building and governance.
Such games indirectly teach children all aspects of life on Earth.10.The game teaches players to solve problems, motivate and recognize skills.Most games motivate players to try to reach more difficult levels at each stage and challenge.
Game video or computer has both positive and negative effects.Anything modest is not a problem.Parents and children need to be able to decide how many games are allowed and what kind of games.Parents must teach their children what is good and what is bad.
Games are like other activities in life, too many burgers or pizzas can also be harmful.The world of games is changing.The Internet is filled with articles and tips written by game, benefit and disadvantage experts, and it is important to understand parents and gamers.Read the game and learn how to choose the beneficial game.
Feel free to know what your child is doing.Trust your child, but make sure he or she can judge right and wrong accurately
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