video arcade What’s Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
If we know each other or if you keep an eye on my blog, you know I deeply believe in the benefits of living outside the comfort zone.I went on a business trip a few years ago.At the end of the day's meeting, we went to a video arcade where we were divided into several groups.
Each of us aims to play the same game and at the end of the night the team with the highest score will win.The first is the original fear caused by the historical pain of physical education.When they came I was like a "maiden" and was very good at avoiding pain, sweating and dirt!Therefore, I am often one of the last to be selected to participate in any sport involving these three factors.
(Big ouch!Driven by the fierce competitive spirit, the value to the team.The third is a conscious choice that, driven by my husband's repeated demands to learn to enjoy something of the world, turns this into an adventure.When the game started, I sat behind the steering wheel of the NASCAR game and felt like there was a fierce battle inside.
(Why is the sound of fear always much bigger than the rest?) One of my teammates immediately whispered in my ear, "put the pedal down, don't let go of it no matter what you do!I immediately felt that I had both a roadmap for success and a team --A member of the spirit with me.As her advice ran through my brain, the sound of fear lost some volume.This made me hear another voice from some of the nearest company coaches, "just focus and have fun!.
..... With this I clicked on the volume of The Sound of Fear, put the pedal on the floor, focus and have fun ...... And won the game!By the end of the evening, I played multiple games that I had never played before, I won a few more, and I didn't perform very well in other games.But I had a great time, I added value to my team and I can't wait to go home and go to the arcade with my husband!I am sharing this story today to emphasize that when I share the story of our overseas trip, it is not to convince you to be a foreigner, nor to honor the life of our lives, this is to encourage you to take a closer look at your life and ask yourself, "what's outside my comfort zone?Then force yourself to do something like this.
When you do this, you will overcome fear, discover more who you are, experience more happiness, more love, and have a greater impact on our world!"I always do things that I'm not ready to do.That's how you grew up, I think.I'm not quite sure I can do this when there are "wow" moments, you will go through those moments and then you will have a breakthrough.Sometimes it's a sign that something really great is about to happen.
You will grow up and learn more about yourself.To help adults/Veterans/cancer patients/AIDS patients with special needs, etc ...... Drive to swimming lessons in big cities. Change the identity of a person, ask someone to go above and beyond the business, and talk to someone about a job that really listens to someone you have a hard time understanding, "I love you.
Please share the following: what is outside your comfort zone?What have you done to push your comfort zone?What did you learn?How did you change?
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