video arcade The Awesome 80's

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
video arcade The Awesome 80\'s
It was a decade of decadence.It's about glitz and glamour, as well as gadgets, bracelets and beads.Everyone likes Luke and Laura in the afternoon.Mrs. Diane became the Princess of the people after marrying Prince Charles.
Night soap operas such as Dallas and Dynasty rule the airwaves.President Reagan ruled the United States.Tom Cruise felt the need for speed.Michael Miliken is the king of junk bonds.Gordon Gekko told Wall Street's gifted children that greed is a good thing.
Madonna, the Material Girl, made her debut.What decade is that?We can only talk about that wonderful time, which is the post-80 s.There are twenty here.A way to verify that you belong to (or belong to) 1980.
The break dance on the sidewalk looks interesting.Now it seems that you may be breaking something.2.You can still recite the conversation in any movie starring Molly linward.
"Mobile phone" refers to the phone that people use when they receive "a phone call" in prison.4.You have at least one such Kid: A kid with a cabbage patch, he-Action characters, Rubik's Cube, or Pac-Man logo on it.5.You remember a lot of the headlines about the human genome program, which is a complete human DNA map.
You remember how this led to the eradication of the disease.6.You remember one day, thousands of radio stations around the world played "We are the world" at the same time ".(Now, you're singing!7.Your first album is vinyl 33 and you laugh at your parents because they want to play 45 and 8-track tapes.
You know who Oliver North is and why he's in the news.9.Someone in your street or community has sent his or her life savings to a later disreputable television evangelist.10.You hang out with your friends at the mall, especially in the arcade where you exchange those hard videosQuarterly income of tokens.
You know, "greenhouse" means openness or transparency, and "reform" means economic restructuring.12.You and your friend make fun of the lady who "I fell, I can't get up.The fictional woman is called Madame.Fletcher and the product are emergency services at LifeCall.
You are generous and unnecessarily inserting "like" in the whole sentence ".Like this, "like, this is the hardest test we 've ever had.So after class, I want to ask the teacher, she thinks it will not be difficult if you study.
And then I thought it was evil rude or something?14.You know, Dorothy has only one way to make Sophia perform better in the golden girl.She simply said: "The shade of the pine tree, the horse, the shade of the pine tree.
You tried the new Coke.
Extra points if you write to cocaCoke insisted on bringing the original recipe back.16.You remember there was no CNN at the time, E!, or MTV.17.Your parents are worried that you will cut yourself into a short bracelet.
You were inspired by Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female Supreme Court judge, Sally Ryder, the first female astronaut, Geraldine Ferraro, the first (female vice presidential candidate as of this article)19.Renting a horror movie sequel about Jason woris, Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers takes up a lot of your time.20.You like the opposite sketch and green slime and you can't do that on TV.
You 've played Atari, Smart Vision, Sega, Nintendo and coolco before your hands are numb.Of course, it's not enough for you to be completely tubular nostalgic?Need more memories of the evil rad 80?See the full list on http: // www.Comprehensive advicecom/80s
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