video arcade Ten Things to Know About Your Child and Hearing Loss

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
video arcade Ten Things to Know About Your Child and Hearing Loss
In 2000, 5.2 million 6-[3rd] Hearing loss at the age of 19 directly related to National Health and noise exposure......Investigation, report...Decibels ( ...In 2000, 5.2 million 6-[3rd National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, reporting Dangerous Decibels (), hearing loss at 19 years of age is directly related to noise exposure.According to a study by Montgomery and Fukukawa in 1992, the proportion of 2nd students with hearing loss has increased by 2 in the past 10 years.
8 times;The hearing loss of Grade 8 students has increased by more than four times.No one knows exactly to what extent the child's ears are hurt, but the rule of thumb in the noise Center is: if you have to yell to hear three miles away, the noise is too loud, it is harmful to your hearing.What you can do, come here.1.Noise poses a serious threat to children's hearing, health, learning and behavior, "the noise Center said.
They suggest a quiet environment for your child.2.Young ears are no stronger than older ones.The ear root canal in children is shorter than that in adults and is more prone to injury.
Look at the toys your kids play.
Talk to your pediatrician.
A study conducted by Henry Ford Health System found that many current toys, including tape recorders, bicycle horns, hat guns and toy phones, are not safe for your child's hearing.Of the 25 databases they tested, more than half of the database sounds higher than 115.According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the maximum harmless exposure time was 1 minute and 29 seconds at 110 dB.
Prevention is essential because of the noiseHearing loss induced cannot be corrected.Loud enough noise can cause immediate, permanent, irreversible damage, and some noise can cause damage if it is heard long enough, and there will also be Cumulative effects over time.5.A noisy squeeze toy was rated 135 decibels (dB) for hearing impairment by the league ).
Check out their website for more information-.6.Noise levels above 85 dB damage hearing over time, and noise levels above 14 dB damage hearing after one exposure.Source -.Here is a list of sounds: · 0db the softest sound that a person can hear with normal hearing, that is, the hearing threshold.
· 10db normal breathing · 20db whispered Xiao Xiaoye · 30 dB soft whisper in the 5 feet radio studio, library · 6-10 decibels of rain, traffic lights, average family · 60 decibels of normal conversation, air conditioning unit 85 decibels noise restaurant 110-120 dB rock concert, speedboat, maximum 110 dB sound on headphones, baby crying, 120 dB thunder on many power tools, Jet takeoff at launch of 180 dB rocket.Damage can occur after 7 103 dB.5 minutes, 106 dB in 4 minutes, 109 dB in 2 minutes, 115 dB in 30 seconds.(Source:) 8.Supervise your teens because things they like can cause harm.
Clubs and discotheques, 91-96 dB dance floor, 85-Bar 100 dB, personal stereo 90 dB or more, 60-114 dB rock concert, 100 dB or higher average car sound, up to 154 dB in the car!!80-home stereo115 dB 9.If you take your child hunting or shooting range, bring your hearing protector.Guns are high and permanent hearing loss is caused by one exposure.
Examples, 12-Hunting rifle, 150-165 dB, shotgun, 163-172 dB, rifle, 143-170 dB.Most guns start at 100 dB, up to 190 dB.Supervise the use of power tools.Firecrackers can also cause immediate harm.10.Video Arcade access, computer games and action movies should also be monitored.
The noise level of the video arcade can be more than 100 decibels (similar to factory machines), computer games can be as high as 135 dB (jackhammer level), and action movies generally exceed 90 dB.All values are approximate as conditions change.This is not a medical advice.For advice on you and your child, please consult your personal health care professional.
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