video arcade Disconnecting from Technology

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
A few weeks ago, just before my vacation, I talked to a student about my trip.He asked if I would send him some pictures of the flowing lava of the active Hawaiian volcano that I planned to visit.I told him I would do it when I came back.
"Just send it with your phone," he said .
"I don't have a camera," I replied .
"Well, from your laptop," he insisted.
"I don't bring one.
The student was a successful doctor who stared at me with a dull stare.Amazed."Do you mean you want to disconnect?"Of course," I said."It's spring break time.I want to spend time with my son and enjoy nature.
You know the sky, the Sun, the ocean, the stars and the wind."But you did it yourself?"Although I do this a lot, it's not all myself.With my boy."But not the Internet," he said ."I shook my head.\ "Until I come back.He looked at me with frank admiration."It's really alive," he said ."The closest position has been switched between connection and disconnection.
When I grow up, there is a phone in your car, which means that you are a very important person.There will only be one politician at the Cabinet level, or it may be a senator, a police chief or a spy boss, a tycoon or an industry leader.And quiet, take some bigger good second violin;Being able to arrive anytime, anywhere is a real identity symbol.
The opposite seems true today.
Being able to disconnect has become high-Used to be a technical connection.Internet PR with good reputation-She seems to live in the Internet, breathing the Internet-Recently, she confessed to me that her biggest ambition is to write novels offline and stop e-commerce.Mail, surf, write blogs and read, but put the pen on paper (or at least put your finger on word)Processor keyboard.
) Doctors, lawyers and businessmen-At least the kind of person who is looking for me to take tai chi, mindfulness, Chinese philosophy classes or just a good story ---Sigh for the idea of being able to stay away from the phone, keyboard and screen.Just a few years ago, these people laughed at me for boycotting my phone, calling me Luddite, and suggested that I throw with stones and other hard and simple things that I seem to like very much.In the end, I got a phone and while it wasn't without the drawbacks, I found it handy.
In addition to the advantages and disadvantages that can be used and made available to others, there are occasional close-up calls while driving.It is now claimed that this is because the mind is occupied, not the eyes or fingers.This is my concern, at least my problem, because today, years after the initial simple wireless phone, I bought an iPhone.
It allows me to blog in the flight.
-Still, small screen typing is still dangerous for me-Even send photos of the eruption to friends standing next to lava and ash.I'm sure it will certainly look out of date in five years, but now it seems like a beautifully designed technical miracle, intuitive, intelligent, and have been able to do more than I might ask.However, when I was thinking about its options and menus at the traffic lights on my way home, I explored the list of apps provided for it via wireless signals ---When it syncs my contacts and calendar and puts my favorite tunes on my home computer ---I want to know that the technical miracle in my mind has been compromised by this one in my hand.
I'm one of those people who manually dial the number, not using a contact list or making a verbal command "call home" to keep my memory sharp.I like to do arithmetic in my head so I don't forget how to do it, use the map when I get lost or rely on direction cues instead of GPS, UFIDA's voice told me to turn left in half a mile.I know the new method is easier and I'm just not sure if it's better.
In short, although I communicate with friends and readers around the world via emailwww.Arthur Rosenfeld) --Although I am familiar with the theory that the Internet is uniting us into a great super brain, which represents the next level of consciousness evolution ---I don't believe that the virtual world is better than the real world.I know, I know.I can always turn off the phone, turn off the computer, go back to the garden and meditate under the tree, practice tai chi in the park, or, my favorite ---Stroll in my chair and read a great novel.
I know it's up to me.
I know it's a matter of character and discipline.I know my electronics are just tools.I know they are or should be slaves of my will.To your will.To our will.I know that there is always temptation, distraction, and temptation, and only the weak will succumb to temptation.
But even if you choose not to do something, it will take a little time and energy, which will increase as the temptation increases.I'm a little worried about the things that matter most to me.-practice --I was slowly attacked by gadgets I bought that made my life easier, smoother and better.
I am afraid that once we make the tools, our tools will make us.I am afraid that if we don't keep this up and keep this conversation going, it is possible for us to forget the real deep part of being alive and not like the exciting gadgets of technology.I was worried that when my son was at a friend's birthday party in a video arcade, a dozen little boys spent two hours in front of the screen and never said a word to each other--What happened to the game on the beach, table games, wrestling, parties?--Some dangerous things may be happening, some things that are good for the companies that make these tools, not for the people we use them.
I'm not a Ludder.
-Although I am an endangered species-I don't want to quit completely.I like to be part of an exciting new world.But at the risk of the anger of the technicians, I would like to suggest that maybe a little balance is needed, mindfulness is disappearing, direct experience is getting less and less, maybe we all need to give ourselves some new status to turn everything off from time to time.
What do you think?.
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