video arcade Change Your Marriage From Being Roomates to Lovers

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
It is possible when you learn to show and express your love every day.Many couples ignore what they do at the beginning of the relationship, which makes them fall in love at the beginning.What they do is kiss, hug, talk, listen, spend time with each other and make each other feel special.
It is this action that has attracted attention.Here is the formula for a relationship with your partner, which will last a lifetime.1.Kiss 10 seconds a dayA kiss on the cheek said, "I love you," but a 10 second kiss said, "I still love you!"Kissing is at the heart of a relationship and the most intimate behavior a couple can participate in.
It is a barometer of how things go.
Most couples don't even know when their relationship will begin to change..One day they woke up and realized, "We're roommates, we're not lovers anymore!It's time to surprise your partner in order to maintain a relationship.You can choose the best time of day for you.
If you give him a 10 second kiss in the morning, it will set the tone for the next day.If you decide to give him a warm kiss at night, this will set the mood for the rest of the night.Remember, it's not your siblings peck a bit on the cheek that feels comfortable and burragish.
It's a passionate kiss that makes you feel warm, intimate and connected.So grab your partner tonight or tomorrow morning and give him a warm 10 second kiss.When he said, "What's wrong with you?Your answer should be, "We are no longer roommates .
"We will be lovers again from now on!2.
Embrace for 20 seconds a day-studies have shown that receiving a hug significantly increases the oxygen supply of all organs of our body.A hug will release our body from an endorph.When you need to know that you are being cared for, a hug can be a sanctuary, a safe haven.
In your relationship, sometimes your partner will be grumpy, defensible, and unreasonable.The last thing you want to do at this time is hug him.But that's when your partner needs a hug the most.
There is nothing more than a warm hug to appease a grumpy person.It takes at least 5 seconds to stop all outside interference, while the other takes 15 seconds to exchange this energy of love with each other.When embracing, it is important to remember that you are not only giving, but also accepting.
Like 10-The second kiss, you and your partner begin to breathe in unison and become one.When you embrace, focus on love from the heart.When you receive a hug, focus on your heart.
If you take the time to feel giving and receiving, your embrace will nurture you, your partner, and your relationship.3.Praise for 5 seconds a day-it takes only 5 seconds to turn a frown into a smile and let the partner's footsteps bounce back for the rest of the day.If you focus on the strengths of your partner, pay attention to all the little things he or she does for you, praise their little achievements and strengthen their abilities, your reward will be warm, A partner full of love, enthusiasm and loyalty.
30 minutes of conversation every dayShare your day.You need to spend 30 minutes a day talking to each other without interruption.If you don't, then the days become weeks, weeks become months, and before you know it, you sit opposite a stranger and think, "I don't know.
"It doesn't matter if you talk while walking, talk while driving, sit on the couch and talk, or if one of you is out of town, just call.The time and place you speak is not important.The most important thing is that you did it!Minimize distractions if you are at home.
Turn off the TV, turn off the ringtone on your phone, and close the door of your bedroom if you need it.5.Date once a week-and friends.This is your special night together.Plan the date night in turn.It's your turn a week, it's his turn next week.No matter where you go or what you do, just the two of you.
You can go to dinner, watch movies or play, play sports, play bowling, play mini golf, play billiards, go to the electronic arcade, visit the museum, go to the zoo or have a picnic in the park.When both spouses are willing to take time out of a busy schedule to plan a date and stick to it anyway, it sends a strong message of love, saying, "You are a priority in my life and I like to be alone with you.6.Schedule intimate time on the calendar-because most people live such a busy life, it's easy to get your sex life back to the next level with your other commitments.
But the most important commitment in your life is the commitment you make to your partner.You have to create time by planning ahead instead of waiting for sex until the time is right.We put appointments for doctors and dentists on the agenda.
We even arrange car repairs on the calendar.We also need to put the people who are most important to us on the calendar.Giving your partner a small gift related to the time you have arranged together is a great way to build expectations and a way to start intimate contact before the actual event.
Do spontaneous things every 6 months-nothing is so much more boring than knowing someone, and you can predict his or her every move..In the heart of every man and woman, no matter how strong or successful, there is a little boy and a little girl waiting to come out and play.A man or woman who knows how to play is a pleasure in his or her partner's life.
Plan A "Oh no, I can't.
It's not me, "a little surprised.
When you do something unexpected and unpredictable, it will not only excite your partner because they never know what will happen, it will also make your heart beat faster and make the butterfly9.Once a year, just give you two a week off..If you don't have a good time with each other, you will never fall in love with each other.
Collect all the brochures you can collect and plan your intimate week ahead of time so you have something to expect.If you are worried that this does not include the child, the best gift you give the child is love between each other.The happiestThe adjusted child comes from a family where mom and dad love each other.
Make a "do not disturb" sign for your door.Let your child make two "Do Not Disturb signs" for your door and their own ".Explain that mom and dad need time to be alone, and they also need time to be alone.
Teach them to respect your privacy.
They can play without supervision and save for your "private time."Let them know that when they want their own private time, they just need to put a sign on the door and you will respect that as well.Building boundaries is taking care of yourself.
This is a valuable lesson that children and adults need to learn in their daily lives
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