video arcade Ant War Lessons

by:BLEE     2019-07-05
video arcade Ant War Lessons
The children have really succeeded these days.I know that's a lot to say, but it's true.They did it and then did some.I walked into my two grocery store killers yesterday afternoon and they were talking about how to get through the evening.
I don't know if I want to see that movie.
Maybe I will stay here online.
Said Will, my son.
My boyfriend Dave is coming to pick me up.We are going to a video arcade and then go to the mall.Of course, this is quite different from the entertainment I can attend when I grew up in the suburbs of Juliet, Georgia.
When you grow up there, when you come up with ways to entertain yourself, you really have to be creative.As a matter of fact, when my brother Ernest and I started an ant war, one of my most vivid memories of the matter appeared.You're right with ant war.Once you get the hang of them, it's really not hard for them to do it.
Let me explain it again.
I think I'm 11 or 12 and when we find ourselves wandering around our ranch on a late summer afternoon, my brother Ernest may be 10.After playing here for about fifteen or twenty minutes, my brother stumbled into the red ant.They are not fire ants or anything, but ordinary red ants.
After watching them for a few minutes, we moved on.When we found another hill, we had already walked 15 feet away, and it was full of black ants.Ernest knew nature very well and he told me that if those black ants hit those red ants, the sparks would fly.
What do you mean, sparks can fly?He replied that Edward, two rival ant tribes like this, would fight to death if they met.You will find that there are two mountains like this. if they find each other, it will be a complete ant war.
My mind is starting to run.
I want to see if he's right.
Ernest, can we help start the war anyway?He smiled, nodded, and went to a gold and silver vine full of flowers.Just wandering around the red ant hill.I think there is nothing to lose, so I walked over and brushed the flowers on that mountain.It doesn't take any time until the red ant covers these flowers.
Now, the air lifts our team to the black ant Mountain.That's what I did.I walked over and put the honeysuckle stem directly into the black ant Mountain.Ernest was proved to be 100% pairs.The Red Ant fell off the stem and immediately started fighting the black ant.
This is very exciting, but the number of black ants is more, so the red ants start to weaken.When Ernest noticed this, he ordered me to air more red ants.That's what I did, a few times back and forth with reinforcements.
It succeeded.
The red ones slowly surpassed the black ones, and finally they evacuated their hills.Red Ant wins!Ernest and I were happy when we left, and over the next few weeks we had more ant wars.Soon, red ants were everywhere, and black ants moved to a unique new mountain.
One day, the most strange thing happened.
We noticed that black ants occupied several red ant mountains alone.Ernest said this is because red ants are everywhere, there are too many ground to cover, and black ants hit them at the weakest time.It makes perfect sense and I have to agree with him.
Then, I suddenly thought that the behavior of those ants is very similar to that of people --When we are too scattered, we seem to have the most serious problems, and then we have to pay the price, just like the red ants.I was wondering if my child learned something similar last night at the video arcade...The latest book, "rough as a Cob" by Ed steel can be ordered by calling the river city Publishing toll phonefree at: 877-408-7078.
He is also a popular post-dinner speaker whose column is published in some publications in the southeast.You can contact him by email: [email]xa0Protected), or via his website address:
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