upright video game cabinet ***Addiction to Video Games

by:BLEE     2019-07-12
upright video game cabinet ***Addiction to Video Games
Ed consulted me because he was worried about his 16-year-old problem.old son."He has no friends.I want to spend more time with him, but there seems to be nothing he likes to do."How did he pass the time?\" I asked.Play video games..\ "He plays video games for hours every night, and then the next day is too tired to do a good job.
I was worried that he would be out of work, but he would be mad at me if I said anything to him.Caroline consulted me for fear of her son.After graduating from high school, Bran went to college for a semester and then dropped out of school.
Matthew graduated last year and has been doing some strange work, but none of them seem motivated to do anything."How did they pass the time?They sleep late first and then play video games.According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 45% of the population aged 19 to 90 are video game players, with an average age of 35.
According to the study, "video games may be considered an obsession for young people, but in fact, the average age is 35 years old, often overweight, introverted, and may be depressed.56% of video game players are male.Research shows that "adult video games may be a form of" digital self"medication.Is this really different from using alcohol, medicine, food, TV or any other activity to avoid feeling and be responsible for how you feel?Obviously, playing video games has become a huge addictive activity in our society.
While the average age of video game players is 35, they are unlikely to start playing at 35.Perhaps, like Ed and Carolyn's children, they have never stopped since puberty.Playing video games is an easy way to avoid fear, especially the fear of rejection, devouring, and failure.
An adult video game player could sacrifice the real, a researcher said.World social activities playing video games.For their children.When Caroline uses food to escape her feelings, Ed takes the time to watch TV and drink beer.
Although neither Ed nor Carolyn played video games, it could be that they were addicted to other things because they didn't play video games when they were young.How to take responsibility for your feelings.Take care of yourself and how to interact with your child in a way that encourages them to start taking love actions for themselves.
Gradually, parents and children began to take steps to give up their addiction.Luckily, Bessie's husband was willing to talk to me on the phone with her.For video games, he is willing to limit the time spent playing video games every night to less than 1 hour.
All addictions are ways to avoid feeling that you think you can't control.It is unrealistic to think that if you have not learned to take responsibility and create many painful feelings with yourself, you will stop addictionHeartache and heartbreak are part of life
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