the simpsons arcade game Initial D Diecast Collection Rare Toy Collectibles - Movie Cars Diecast Part 4

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Initial D broadcast-Initialize!!!For an audience who likes comics/anime, likes racing cars (especially drifting scenes) and likes to collect toys, the original D diecast collection is perfect.The original D was originally started as a comic book and became quite popular.Anyway, for those who are not familiar with the original D story, the story focuses on the illegal street racing world in Japan, mainly on the mountain road.
The games include uphill and downhill races from the local and visiting teams.The article will be very detailed with a lot of pictures.The article will also be divided into several parts for the convenience of the audience to read.
The following table summarizes the contents of this original D diecast post.Let's start with Jada.The original D diecast manufacturer was widely accepted by diecast collectors.Jada is known for its JDM broadcast collection.
This is perfect because the Initial D is Japanese anime/manga.It is clear that almost all cars are in the Japanese market.Jada's original D item was very accurate.Great details.Even the rims are in stock.Unfortunately, the company no longer produces this particular toy line, which is why the price of Jada's initial D is usually 3 to 5 times its original value.
At the beginning of 2000, Tomica released a large number of initial D diecast copies of the scale of 1: 64.Most of the car models produced come from the first and second seasons (anime) or early rolls (comics ).In the scale of 1: 18, the elite molding manufacturer also produced Toyota Trueno of Takumi.
AutoArt only made two versions of the show.AutoArt diecast manufacturer is known for its excellent qualityOf course, the price is also very high.That's why AutoArt's original D display was also expensive.
Like AutoArt, diecast manufacturers only produce Takumi's Toyota Trueno in diecast replicas.But unlike AutoArt, Kyosho produced it on a scale of 1: 64.However, the two diecast manufacturers have the same reputation for excellent details and high-priced goods.
In addition, it is difficult to find Kyosho's original D product outside the Japanese market.Finally, the manufacturer of RealX diecast also produced the initial D product, but the size is 1: 72 (lower than the standard Matchbox or hub size ).Interestingly, RealX has produced the most car models among all the displayed manufacturers.
Honda Civic of Shin-GE ShojiUnfortunately, the diecast manufacturer no longer produces the initial D diecast except for the Tomica.In addition, it is difficult to find them outside the Japanese market.Because of this, the original digital broadcast is usually only found in online stores such as eBay and Amazon.
Although there may also be one or two items in the local hobby storehand.One thing is certain, however, that most of the initial D diecast (like Jada's D diecast is Kyosho) is very expensive.For those who want to know where to buy the cheap Jada 1:1: 64 Initial D animation broadcast car, it is wise not to hold too much hope compared to Tomica, because compared to Tomica, these hopes are very rare as toy maker Jada has stopped production of the original D-type display.
Why is the original D broadcast expensive?.This is why it is recommended to start collecting cars or vehicles that are mainly used by the main characters of comics/anime.When it comes to the original D diecast replica, the first thing to collect is the AE86 Toyota Trueno.
This is the vehicle used by the main character Fujiwara Tian Jiujing.Unfortunately the cost is quite high, so don't hesitate if you can find the cheap one.Did Hotwheels also produce the initial D diecast?Hotwheels produces the mold of Toyota Trueno, but it does not conform to the paint work of the mold used by Takumi.
If you know a great customizer, you may ask to modify the Firewheel AE86 to make it look like a firewheel used in comics or anime.When modifying the broadcast, however, be sure that the Customizer is a good customizer.For new and experienced collectors, don't let you down with the rarity and high cost of the original D car diecast replica.
Both comics and anime use many awesome hot cars produced informally by different media brands.Just need to know which one to look.This is basically the case.Now, you know some interesting facts about the original D diecast collection.Have fun and enjoy hobbies
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