tabletop video games machines How to Make a Pichenette Board Game

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Desktop Games are a great pastime to play at family gatherings and gatherings. There are many different types of games in this special style to pichenette, pichenotte, carrom orThis game is a cross between air hockey and pocket billiards.Choose a name, play the game and release the fun.The plywood is cut to 28 inch square meters using a table saw.Polish the plywood with sandpaper until smooth.This is also done for 24 inch square plywood.Draw a 2 inch border along the edges of 28 and 24 inch plywood.Draw a circle of 10 to 12 inch in the center of 24 inch plywood.Place 24 inch square plywood in a contour square drawn on 28 inch plywood.Use the wood glue on the back of the 24 inch plywood to attach it to the 28 inch plywood.Using the clip, fix the plywood in the appropriate position and allow drying.Trim the four corners of 28 inch plywood using a band saw or a circular cutting drill.Polish the cut circle until smooth.Cut the corners of the decorative plates at a 45 degree angle, make them connect like a photo frame, or you can choose to keep them straight and let them dock with each other.Once decided, cut them into length, aligned with the edge of the 28 inch plywood.Apply the wood glue to the bottom of the decorative board and match the edge of the 28 inch plywood.Clip them in the proper position and let them dry.For additional support, nails can be inserted from the outside of the decorative plate, nailed to the edge of the plywood.Polish the decorative board until smooth.Draw the 2 inch border of 24 inch plywood in the color you choose.To get a smooth edge, block out the rectangle to be drawn using painter tape.Now draw circles in the center of 24 inch plywood.Draw a circle in the middle of the center of 1 inch.The monthly and monthly 1/2-inch splint screws of the screw are about four corners of 1/4 inch, the corner of the month.These screws should be placed inside the 2 inch boundary, 1 inch from the corner of the 2 inch boundary.Do the same thing with 4 screws in the outer center circle, making a square in the circle in total.Cover the whole surface with a clear surface and allow drying.The board can be placed on the table to play or mounted on the base.Cut pin rods every 1/4 with a band saw or table saw.Polish the edges to smooth.Draw a different color for odd pieces, equivalent to eight balls.Draw half the color like White and the other half the color like black.
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