tabletop arcade machine for sale Make a custom sewing table cheap!

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
tabletop arcade machine for sale Make a custom sewing table cheap!
I made a sewing and quilting table for myself and it fits my machine perfectly and gives me a flat and smooth surface and I love it!I put four videos on YouTube, introducing this homemade table and the ergonomics of sewing and quilting, showing the basics.Update: I made a video for an hour (available for rent on YouTube) and wrote a book about it.The videos and books are talking about ergonomics, chairs, tables and alternatives, step-by-Steps how to set up the sewing machine comfortably for you and many other tips.
There are 80 pages of the book, and both print and Kindle are on Amazon.Thank you for watching my camera!Click here and see all my videos on your tube.Custom platformI don't have a room and no money to buy a huge expensive sewing cabinet, so I designed my own design for the sewing table, which I call my quilting table.
2 relatively cheap folding tables at Sam's Club ($42 each in Anchorage, Alaska), 2 \ 'wide x 4 \' (get height adjustable folding tables)it matters!I used two tables because I made the quilt for the big quilt and when I was Quilting the fabric I couldn't have any resistance on the fabric --Around the sewing machine, I need a fully flat surface of a few feet to support most of the quilts.After setting the table, I put my sewing machine on the table top, measuring the height from the top of the table to the top of the sewing board.It measure 3 à per  ½ ".1 piece 1 slice \ "thick x 8 \ 'long x 2 \' wide.
I cut the length of the two pieces in half to make 4 sections, then put every 2 sections "(thick) x4" on each table and then 1 ã ½ \ "(thick) the x 4 \ 'section is placed at the top.Here is the cut I made for the sewing machine.I cut the foam at the bottom to match the foam at the bottom and at the top of the sewing machine to match the freeThe top of the arm of the sewing machine (so the cut does not match exactly!) First of all, I put the sewing machine on the top of the foam insulation and put it in the farthest place from me because I can sew the quilt comfortably.
The quilting machine needs to have a lot of support space in front of the needle in order to support a heavy quilt when quilting.I used the pen to mark the outline of the sewing machine on the blue foam and put the machine on one side.I cut the foam with a jagged knife and cut out the space of the sewing machine from two layers of foam.
I started with a cut that fits the sewing machine, but then went back and made it bigger because I wanted the space to easily get into the front-loading spool area.Then I only made 1 straight cut on the top floor of the foam to get into the line shaft more easily.(See above-When I need to change the spool, I just slide the piece out a few inches so that my hands can get into the spool area.
Finally, I layered transparent vinyl around the top of the foam and around the sewing machine.This vinyl plastic is very smooth and everything, including heavy quilts, slides on it --Sweeter than sweet!{I bought transparent vinyl in two places--Wal-Mart fabric is cheap.There, it's just a vinyl covering for dining tables, etc.
A few dollars per yard.
In these two places, you can choose the thicknessGo to the thickest place you can affordI put vinyl in place, then cut out a larger area than the feeding dog of the sewing machine, and then cut out an area of the high part of the machine, so it is completely vinyl around the machine.I tape all 4 sides of the cut mouth around the feeding dog as my fabric won't get stuck on the edge.I put a black tape (you can use masking tape or whatever you want) to mark the edge of the quilting, which is why you see this in the photo.
After about an hour I have a fully portable Custom Quilting desk for easy storage.The tables have folding legs and they can be placed in the closet, as do the blue foam insulation.Vinyl rolls and deployment are also easy.This is more of a way I use it and a mistake I made!The book I wroteSold on Amazon.
I am a writer and quilting machine and my mission is to make it easier and more interesting for quilting machine, which is the content of my book.I have a good evaluation of my book.I ask you to go in and have a look
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