tabletop arcade machine for sale How to Convert an Old Sewing Cabinet or Table to Hold a New Sewing Machine

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Do you need a sewing machine for your new electronic sewing machine?This is a cheap solution that works well.Buy an old but sturdy sewing cabinet or table from a thrift store or garage sale and convert it into a new sewing machine below $20.This table is perfect for quilting!To convert the sewing cabinet, the old hinge plate must be removed from the top of the cabinet.This should leave a rectangular opening at the top of the cabinet.A support plate is installed inside the cabinet for the sewing machine to sit on it and cut two top plates to fit the machine at the height of the needle plate.The sewing machine will then be inserted into the cabinet to form a smooth horizontal sewing surface.Measure it first.Measure the exact height of the sewing machine in front of the needle.Most machines are 3 and a half inches, but there may be some changes.In addition, measure the thickness of the top of the cabinet, the plate with a rectangular opening.All plates used in this project should be this thickness.Mine is inches thick.Purchase screws using this thickness.In addition, the thickness of the side panel of the cabinet is measured.They may be thinner and require screws of different lengths.I used the round head Philips wood screws for 8 by foot and 8 by 5/8.The top of the cabinet may need to be cut so that the needle can be centered.It's a good idea to know this before you start.Fix the sewing machine at the rectangular opening at the top of the sewing cabinet.Place the needle of the sewing machine inside the rectangle.If the machine needs to be removed from the rectangle in order to be centered, the cabinet must be cut.Please note where the power cord is connected to the machine.Will they stick to it?If so, a hole should be cut in the cabinet with a key hole saw to accommodate them.Measure the internal dimensions of the cabinet.The mine is 21-inch wide and 17-inch deep.These dimensions will be used to cut the support plate.The width of the support plate is the same as the cabinet, but its depth is about 2 out of 3 of the cabinet depth.This will create an opening for the knee lifter and the power cord.It is leaning against the back and the side but not against the front.My support plate was cut 21 and 11 inch wide, leaving about 6 inch for my knee lifter.Cut the support plate to the right size with a skill saw, fixture saw or hand saw.I used a board of 2 feet 1 by 12 (actually the size of 11 inch) and cut it into length.After the cabinet is cut into size, test the support plate inside the cabinet.If the support plate of the table is not flush with the back of the cabinet, the cut-out should be cut for them.If there are leaves on the table, cut a gap for the hinge of the leaves and pass through the support plate.Now the leaves of the cabinet can be closed if the sewing machine is removed.The top can then be used as a cutting table.Measure and mark a line along the side and back of the cabinet interior.Use the measurement of the height of the sewing machine in front of the needle board.Mine is three and a half.Therefore, place a ruler on the top inside the cabinet, mark the side and back with this height measurement, and draw a line around.Use this reference line to align the brackets.I used brackets.These can be found in the hardware store where decorative items are stored.Arrange a small straight plate on the guide and press the bracket on the board to mark the drilling and drilling.Put the support board in the cabinet first.Install the bracket, connect the bracket to the cabinet first.When all the brackets are placed on the cabinet, then drill holes on the support board and screw the support board in place.Make sure to put the screws in the cabinet and board.The support plate will not come out, it is fixed.Now measure the rectangular opening at the top of the cabinet.My mine is 19-inch wide and 15-inch deep.I cut the depth in half and cut two 19-inch long, 7-inch wide boards.I used a board 1 by 10 by 4 (actually measuring inches by 9 inch by size and width ).Now Mount angular support along the inside of the rectangular opening.The two topmost boards will be placed on these braces.I installed 8, the first two are at the back and two on each side.Install as many boards as you need to make the boards strong.Once the two top plates are cut and in place, the support can be placed on a board and the two boards are gathered together.Next, make a template with the poster board.The template must be the template of the machine at the height of the needle plate.The easiest way is to use four small poster boards.One in each quadrant of the machine.Place one of the parts under the sewing machine, press the pen on the machine at the level of the needle board, and then run the pen along the poster board.Wire cut along.Test this quadrant of the template to see if it matches the machine by placing it on a machine with a needle plate level.It may need to be removed a bit in order for it to lean against the machine.All four quadrants do so.Then match the four pieces by putting them on the machine and tape them together.Put two boards in the cabinet.Tape the template on both top plates (and cabinets if needed in order to put the needle on the machine) and follow the inside of the template.Remove the top board from the cabinet.Use a clamp saw or top saw cut along a template on two top plates.If necessary, remove a part of the top of the Cabinet using a fixture saw or a key hole saw.Sand on any rough edge.Place the machine on the support plate inside the cabinet and place the two top plates on both sides of the machine.Make sure they are flush with the machine.Make any adjustments to the board.If the board is not tight at the opening and is moving around, a gasket can be wedged at the back to fit it tightly.If necessary, cut out a power cord hole inside the cabinet.Drill holes may have to be used and then key hole saws are used.Cover the two top plates with contact paper to get a smooth sewing surface.Close the cabinet. now it's the cutting table.Pull it off the wall and cut it easily from around.Happy sewing!
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