street fighter arcade machine Top 5 Best Fighting Video Game Franchises Of All Time

by:BLEE     2019-07-04
street fighter arcade machine Top 5 Best Fighting Video Game Franchises Of All Time
As an avid gamer, I found myself sitting on the couch multiple times enjoying the game.I loved video games since I was a child.This is because video games are art in my opinion.Complex but great artistic expression for our imagination.
Video games also have genres like most other art forms.Fighting games are one of many types.Basically, there is a close combat style in the combat game.Health bar with power movement, punching, kicking and excellent old KO (knockout.
Fighting games are an impeccable part of the industry.Countless games have been produced, but there are some selected franchises that have left their mark on fans and the market.Let's dive into the magical world of combat games and watch games that have completely changed the game industry and provided us with hours of entertainment.
Here are five of the best battle video game franchises ever."Street Fighter" is the game series of capcom©A company based in JapanThis game has set many conventions, followed by many fighting games in the next few years.The first game of the same name was launched for the arcade in 1987.
However, the second game released on 1991, called Street Fighter 2, was a real success.It became very popular and turned the street fighter into a multimedia franchise.This is the first fighting game where you can choose from a roster of different characters, each with unique actions and power.
This series gives us some memorable characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Blanca, Dhalsim, E-Honda, just a few examples.What makes the game really interesting is its fast paced action.The design and environment are beautiful.It has a typical anime feel with gorgeous explosions and addictive music.
With characters from all over the world being promoted, the game is popular worldwide.For example, Dhalsim is from India and when you fight him in campaign mode, this stage is themed with Indian elephants and many other cultural contacts.The Street Fighter also joined other entertainment media.
Movies, comic books, animated series, card games, board games, and even slot machines.The game has been released on all major consoles.With the last game released on the Nintendo Switch console in 2017, it is about to complete 30 years in the industry.
There is no doubt that it is old like old wine.Namco was first released in 1994©, Tekken is as polished as possible for fighting games.Each warrior has a unique style.The game went well and the artwork was great.
3D animation is very beautiful and clear.
The fighting mechanism is easy to adapt.
There are four separate buttons for each arm and leg, and the combination of these buttons leads to a variety of amazing special actions.Tekken 3 is often considered one of the best games on the PlayStation because it is very interesting.It also has an extra level of beach volleyball.
Who doesn't like beach volleyball?There is no favorite warrior in the game because everyone is excited.The roster is full of Kings (Tigers-Headed by), Yoshimitsu (Alien), Gon (a little dinosaur)Like creatures), there are some ordinary martial artists.Every Warrior brings something new that won't make the game repeat.
Unlike other games, Tekken provides a dedicated mobile list for each character in the game, helping to perform special moves without breaking buttons like crazy apes.In addition, at the end of each round, the action playback of how a round of matches reached its climax will also be played.This effort allows players to always try to get the perfect finishing touches done so they can get awesome replays.
For the early stages of the game, the Tekken series set a high threshold for fighting games.What makes it stand out is the focus of the story.The competition between Kazuya and Heihachi is the central plot of most competitions.
Fighting games are often less appealing than Tekken.Even if there is a story, it's just a time fill for the actual battle sequence.Tekken franchise is a unique and untouchable battle game franchise.
It's definitely a fighting game for this bad boy.The series is known for its intense violence, blood and top gore.There were only four people in the initial team of Mortal Kombat, a programmer, two art staff and a sound specialist.
The editor and John Tobias are hailed as the game of creation.However, the unique selling point of the game is its "death ".Death is a special finishing action after defeating an opponent, including the brutal murder and the destruction of his or her body in a very bloody way.
But it is not easy to perform death, as it needs to press a series of predefined buttons on the controller.The original Mortal quick game is not like-As the depth of Street Fighter.This is because in earlier versions of the game, most characters are basically fighting the same way.
There is no difference in fighting style except for special moves and deaths.But that doesn't mean it's not fun.The series evolved over time and became great.With the advancement of technology, each warrior has its own unique fighting style and personality.
Compared to other games that use cartoons, hand-made, the digital genie is used at the beginning of the series, a noveltydrawn graphics.As we all know, the game also uses the same sprite for some characters with different palettes to create completely different characters.For e.g., The scorpion is the same as the reptile, the only difference is yellow and green.
Mortal Kombat 4 is the first 3D game in the series.Two live-The action movie with the same name as the game has been released.Comics and animation series can also be found in the game's derivative multimedia list.
These characters have always been memorable, such as Raiden, Scorpio, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonia blade, etc.Mainly concentrated in.The excessive gore also created some controversy on the way.The game is banned in several countries.Mortal Kombat also played a huge role in creating an ESRB rating system for video games to identify the target age group for the game.
The series sets a number of benchmarks for this type and helps the video game industry itself grow.Nintendo stars are fightingNintendo stars are fightingIt is a fighting game released by Nintendo.This game is very different from all the games we discussed in this list.
It's not for revenge, it's not even for winning the battle tournament to win glory.When you beat your opponent until he or she falls off the platform, it's just for endless fun.The first game of the series was released on 1999 on the Nintendo 64 console.
This game is super addictive and halo is unmatched by any other game.No one could imagine an interesting multiplayer game standing on the toes at the and other great battle games.The game contains characters from the Nintendo World.
Household names such as Mario, Bowser, Pikachu, link, Peach Princess, you can imagine fighting each other and creating the ultimate party fighting experience.Very light game-Unlike other pretty serious games.Humor is a feature of the game.It's really fun to see Mario fighting his own princess, is it?!The title at the back also contains the third-Party characters such as Capcom's Megaman and Ryu, hedgehog Sonic from Sega (rival company of segdo Entertainment), and more to make this game more than the rest of the marketAll the games received positive feedback from players and critics.
The latest work is "super crush brother"For the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U released in 2014, the series is expected to grow and ensure that its legacy remains alive as one of the greatest battle games ever.The razua Fighter game series was created by Sega.Ltd.The first vulua Fighter is considered the first combat game to use polygon-based graphicse.
This is one of the first 3D fighting games.This goal is similar to other games and won by beating others.The game mechanics use kick, punch and protect buttons.
There is also an extra control for fighting movement.However, the combination of controls can lead to special moves, and you have to perform all the moves skillfully.Like they said, it's easy to play and difficult to master.
With a series of different game modes, this is a game that can be defeated.The game is smooth and addictive.Roster is the most in-The depth of the battle game;Jackie chan, Pan chan, shadow, Shun-The most famous are Di and Dural.The game also introduces the concept of the ring-Suddenly died.
This game has always been seen as a pioneer in 3D combat types.It paves the way for the industry as a whole and shows that 3D fighting games can be fun and successful at the same time.In addition to its heritage, there are several Guinness World Records in the series.
Like the other games in this list, lucua Fighter also has a considerable share in the media spinLove animation series and comics.The sad thing is that the last game was the final matchup released by lucua Fighter 5: On 2012, and the series is expected to no longer return.Do you agree with this list?What great game should I include?In your opinion, who is the most famous fighting game character?Please feel free to educate me in the comments below.
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