stand up video game machines Why Is There No MMORPG for Frank Herbert's Dune?

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
stand up video game machines Why Is There No MMORPG for Frank Herbert\'s Dune?
Large multiplayer online roleGame types can be said to be one of the most popular types of video games on the market today, with millions of people playing these games around the world, and video game companies launching new games almost every day.Almost every scene is covered in some form, the fantasy world from ancient times to the future, and everything in.Due to the popularity of this type, some media franchises provide their heaven and earth characters for these games.
Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, DC and Marvel Comics, and the matrix are just a part of the movie, the book, and the comic franchise, at least see some adapted to MMORPG.There is a series of novels that span several planets and span thousands of years. I haven't seen such an adaptation yet. I think it is the richest and the widest universe of such a game.
So why is there no MMORPG for Frank Herbert's Dune series, one of the most influential and famous novel series ever?Here are some of the reasons why I think the Dune universe will create a wonderful environment for MMORPG.As a series of novels involving inter-planetary warfare, the dune-based MMORPG can take advantage of many different locations.Kaitain, Caladan, Giedi Prime and Arrakis are the four most prominent planets.
-Planet Kaitain is the center and nearest location of the ruling party of the known universe, the Nazino Padishah Empire, second only to the former location of the Empire, Salusa Secundus, known as atomic nuclear weapons.Kaitain is described as an almost heavenly environment with a constant warm climate, no clouds in the sky, beautiful buildings, lush gardens, and buildings that "Kiss the Sky.-The ancestral Planet of the aredes family, one of the most important factions in the Dune universe.
Caladan is described as an ocean planet, most of the surface is covered with water and the weather is almost always a storm-ridden.In this climate, most of the habitable land is either heavily forested or covered by swamps.The planet's economy is mainly based on the export of fishing and mutant "pundi Rice.
-The ancestors of the Harkonnen family, the enemy of Atredes, are also one of the overall opponents of the series.Giedi Prime is in sharp contrast to Kaitain, a destroyed environment with almost no plant or animal life.Because of this, almost all food and water are imported from other planets, and its own main export is Minerals.
-A desert planet is the center stage for most events in the entire Dune universe.It is the only known source of a special spice, known as melange, and is the most valuable substance in the known universe.Melange is able to extend life and be able to fly in space, because of this it makes Arrakis one of the most important and popular planets in the universe.
There are many different planets like this, which will allow players to start having multiple places, which in turn may determine their alignment with other planets.For example, players from Caladan, therefore aligned with Atreides, and due to their connection with Harkonnen, they will have considerable hostility towards anyone from Giedi Prime.Although players from Kaitain and Arrakis will not have any specific objections to either faction or each other, there will be a sense of neutrality between them if they wish.
Today, some of the more popular MMORPGs use some form of faction-based systems where different groups compete for control of a region or resource, given the clearly defined resources that existing factions and everyone would like in the Dune universe, I think such a system in the dune-based MMO would work well.If not all, most large multiplayer online charactersNow playing games, playable characters belong to some category or job that defines their abilities and characters.When you hear that someone mentions their Paladin or priest, they are referring to the categories of those specific characters.
In the Dune universe, there are many organizations that can be considered similar to a series of courses, and here are just a few.-Gesgesserit is a religious and political force of the mother arch, often using subversive actions to achieve their goals.Through centuries of mental and physical training, the organization has gained the ability that some people think is magical, such as pre-cognition, the ability to truth, and the ability to recall the memories of all former female members of their lineage.
They also have the ability to make any poison that is introduced into their bodies inert and have near perfect control over their bodies, able to move and twist in ways that otherwise are considered impossible, and physically strike behind them with considerable force.Bene Gesserit has created two famous "powers" using their perfect physical and mental control ".The Voice -Sound is the name given to Bene Gesserit technology that regulates their voice to force someone to control them.
The sisters make orders or suggestions when speaking in their voices, and the target will not be able to perform the actions that are issued with control.While it is possible to resist the influence of the voice through training, if the issuer is strong enough, even the top executive member of Bene Gesserit-the pastor's mother will be affected.Strange wayThanks to their near-perfect physical movement, Bene Gesserit created a form of martial arts in an unarmed battle.
This form of combat requires users to know that the action they want to perform has already occurred at that time, because the body of a trained practitioner moves as the person thinks to correspond to the action.This allows for near-instantaneous movement, allowing for the ability to dodge attacks without difficulty or reach vulnerable areas of the opponent.Given that Bene Gesserit is almost a pure women's organization, it will come down to the fact that female roles are the only ones that can really align with them.
In the MMO environment, the Bene Gesserit role may be a close-Dormitory combat specialists (in the style of the monk class in most other MMOs) can push back or temporarily control opponents by using sound.Poison-based attacks do not affect them and are dealing with non-Playable characters (npc) who can spot any type of lie or cheat.-10,000 years before the first dune novel, a war known as the brulian jihad broke out, resulting in the complete destruction and abolition of sentient machines.
In response to the loss of "thinking" machines for organizing information and processing, Mentat discipline was created.Mentat is a person who has been trained from a very young age into a human computer with great processing power and reasoning power.Unlike computers, they are not driven by pure logic, but take into account more human factors, such as intuition and assumptions, which help to make them more effective.
Mentat is able to further enhance their processing capacity using Sapho juice, a liquid extracted from the roots on the planet Ecaz.This juice can triple Mentat's ability and is very addictive, with lips dyed red when used repeatedly.In the MMORPG Environment, Mentat players are most likely tactical personnel, analyzing teammates, terrain and opponents to determine the best course of action for winning.
If something happens, such as one of their teammates falling in battle, mentat will be able to quickly determine what measures the group needs to take to deal with the change and continue to achieve its intended goals.In this way, they will be the Lynch badge for any group, because if there is no strategy for Mentat, it will be more difficult to overcome any major enemy than a strategy without Mentat.A good MMORPG will almost always have a variety of weapons, armor and a variety of other equipment that will allow them to face the challenges of the world.
Depending on the settings of the game, these devices may be contemporary weapons such as swords and plate mail, or laser guns and control enhancements, but there is no denying that, armor and gear is one of the most important aspects to enhance your character.-A personal force field suitable for users.It is capable of deflecting high-speed projectiles and other attacks, but can penetrate their attacks and projectiles below a certain speed.
-The laser gun is essentially a laser gun.Once the hostenman Shield starts to pop up, this weapon is not commonly used because the combination of laser gun shooting and hostenman shield can have harmful effects, from Death to a more powerful chain reaction between laser gun users and shield pelt than atomic explosions.-The sacred knife of the Arrakis nomadic people, Fremen, crysknife is made from the teeth of the Arrakis giant sand worm.
There are two forms of Crysknife: unfixed, and in order to remain intact, they must be kept near the human magnetic field, fixed and, in any case, chemically treated to remain intact.Fremen custom is that crysknife has to draw blood after it has been untied before it can return to its sheath.-A special suit used by Fremen to keep their bodies hydrated in the desert.
It recycles moisture from breathing, sweat, urine, and the waste in the body reaches such a level that properly maintained stillsuit will allow the loss of no more than the moisture of the thimble in one day.When in combat situations, the shield can be used as a defense tool, but it is limited in duration, and it can be dangerous to use in combat involving rusgu or Arrakis, where, vibration can attract the attack of sand worms.Long time "with laser gun will goodDistance warfare, but in the battle with Holzman shield, distance warfare will again be limited.
Crysknives will be great at close range, but if you lose unhandled crysknife for any reason, it will break up very quickly, so you need to deal with it.Again, a task can be easily implemented, which requires you to find (and possibly even remove) the sand worm in order to obtain a tooth for the construction of the sand worm.For anyone trying to leave the special facilities of Arrakis, a set of still suits is essential, because if you try to take risks in a desert without protection, health or endurance may graduallyFrank Herbert creates a vast and complex universe through his series of novels, which has a rich myth that seems to be the perfect choice to add and build a large multiplayer online characterContinue to play the game.
While I do feel that the market for the whole genre is saturated, games that show a unique twist or recognizable name over and over again can stand out from the crowd.Dune is such an important work in science fiction, it has gained a fan base and I think MMORPG based on it will be a great success.In the right hands, with the care and attention it deserves, I have no doubt about a large multiplayer online character --Playing Dune games will be able to stand there and be one of the best games of this type with games like World of Warcraft and Everquest.
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