stand up video game machines Stand Up – and Stand Out: 12 Ways To Get Your Prospects to Call You Back

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
stand up video game machines Stand Up – and Stand Out: 12 Ways To Get Your Prospects to Call You Back
No matter how convincing, attractive or smart you are, it's hard to build relationships with potential customers if you can't get them to call you back.Most salespeople use boring, outdated voice and email methods, which makes them sound like the rest of the world's sales people.If you want to get more calls back from your customers, then you have to do something different than others-you have to stand out, be likable and actively deserve a return visit.
The line between persistence and tracking.I rarely give up.Having said that, I will not call my prospects twice a day.The trick is to call consistently and if you leave a message, tell the customer exactly when you will call them back and stick to it.
I usually say: "If I don't hear from you before March 15, I will call you back on the 16 th."I get calls back a lot because my prospects know that I'll call them if they don't get in touch with me.Most experts believe it will take at least 4 attempts to reach your goal.
Actually, I found that the number can be close to 8.But some of my best clients today are the ones I originally had the most patience with, and I called them many times in weeks or even months.2.Get them out of trouble.In voice or email, it's a good idea to tell a potential customer to say "no.
Say something like this: "It doesn't matter if you choose a different product.Let me know so I won't be a followerup pest."In the vast majority of cases, one of two things happens-they will either call you back and say, yes, we have chosen someone else or will say no, we have not made a decision yet and we are sorry for not replying to you as soon as possible.
In any case, you are ahead of the game because now you know the truth of what is happening.3.Send a handwritten noteSending a handwritten note after the first sales call or presentation will greatly increase your chances of getting a call back.Why?Because handwritten notes will increase your affinity, help make prospects feel good about you and encourage them to pick up your phone.
I never stopped being surprised by the number of emails I received from clients and prospects thanking me for my handwritten notes.Obviously, their impact on people is something that another voice or email doesn't have.4.Put them in automaticdrip.If you 've tried everything you can think of and still can't seem to get through it, but you're not fully ready to give up, put the foreground on autoSend them something interesting and valuable every month or quarter (not just advertising ).
This will help keep you awake when they make a decision or go looking for a supplier.For more tips on how to stay in touch without straying into the tracking field, check out our article, the line between persistence and tracking![Link for Http:/www.engageselling.Continuous tracking/indexing.5.Ask them if they're okay.Dear Bob;1) you are not interested at the moment and I am reduced to the status of annoying spam blocking your email;2) you would love to contact me but you are stuck under a fallen filing cabinet and can't reach your phone or PC.
Thank you very much for your guidance.
Let me know if it is #2 and I will send someone to help you.This very simple method works because it is different and interesting.We tried and received almost immediate responses from previously silent contacts, many of whom started with an apology saying they were buried at work, then elaborate on why they are still interested.
Those who don't respond are either on a very long holiday or really not interested, so it's not worth wasting more time on them anyway.Happily, we never received any response from potential customers who did get stuck under the filing cabinet, which saved us the difficulty and cost of organizing expensive rescue missions!6.Create deadline.After each conversation, you should get the agreement from the prospect about the next step and the date on which these steps are completed.
So when the next timeThe phone came and the prospect didn't show up and you can leave a message like: "I called because we agreed to talk today when we last talked .......Remind them that your agreement will help them to call you back.If they don't respond to your call within a few days, keep on calling and gently remind them of your common agreement.
Follow who did not answer.
Record each call or email in CRM so you can remember the last time you spoke to a customer, left a message, or sent an email to the customer.8..Try to figure out exactly what's going on, not what you simply think or assume is going on.Below 3-Voice Mail #1: "SirI'm John Doe from ABC.
Paul Smith advised me to call you because ...... Sorry I missed you today but I will contact you again on the date and time.Make sure your tone is soft, notThreats and friendliness.
You don't want to sound like a radio advertisement for a furniture liquidator.Also, you have to call back on the date and time you said.Voice Mail #2: "Hi sir.X, I'm John Doe from ABC because I promised to contact you in time today.
Sorry, I miss you.
Paul Smith advised me to call you because ...... I will try again on appointment and time.Again, it is crucial that you call back when you say you will.
Anything else can cause you to be dishonest and have the potential to lose confidence in your contacts.Voice Mail #3: "Hi sir.X, I'm John Doe from ABC because I promised to contact you in time today.Sorry, I miss you.I noticed that it was hard for you to reach me and I was wondering if it was because you were so busy at work that you were not interested in doing business with my company, or I guess the time you might have at your desk is wrong.
These are all OK, but it would be great if you didn't mind letting me know how to proceed.I promised Paul Smith I would get in touch with you and I would talk to him about our conversation.My number is 613 730-7700, extension 111.The last reason for not meeting expectations-you were wrong in guessing the time he or she might have been at the desk-is important because it allows you to grasp the reason you can't reach the customerDepending on your specific sales situation, you can change the other two reasons-for example, if this is a follow-up reason --After sending the proposal, you might say: "I was wondering if it was because you didn't get a chance to see the proposal and you weren't happy with the price I sent, or I was wrong in guessing the time you might be at your desk.
Call early or late during the day.
One of the ways I follow up with senior students --Level decision makers either call early in the morning (like around 7: 30 a.m.) or later in the day (after five o'clock P.M.) and don't leave a message if I can't find someone.
I find that by making a phone call at these times, decision makers are usually in the office on their own, and there are no gatekeepers, so it is more likely to answer the phone on their own.10.Change your media.If a potential customer does not respond to the email you sent within 5 business days, call to ask if they have received it.Again, send them an email if they don't reply to the phone.
Everyone has their own way of communication.Your job is to find out which communication tool is easier for potential customers.An Engage customer does not tell the customer in her voice mail, if it is better for them, she will also send them an email, in her email, she let them know, she will call them if the effect is better.
Not only does this increase your chances of reaching out to potential customers, it also shows that you put their interests first.11.Prepare for the "final method."Whether it's voice or email, when you're ready to permanently log off a potential customer who can't communicate, let the customer know that this will be your last attempt to contact them."I noticed that X weeks have passed since our last conversation, and I think that's because you are no longer interested in our products.
It's okay.
I know we're not for everyone.
The last thing I want is to be a follower.up pest!You can contact me 111 if you are still interested1111.If I don't hear from you then I'm assuming you're moving in a different direction and I'm not going to call again to interrupt you.
I wish you all the best in your project and thank you for considering us.12.Have fun, adventure!"Hi Bob, I'm Greg from ABC.I began to think we had love.Hate the relationship with your answering machine-I like to leave messages and you hate to reply.
Maybe we can talk soon.
Yes, very fashionable.
But Greg reported that he was using this for 99% of the time and he would call back.Of course, he only uses this method in the most desperate cases.Here's your challenge: try something new this week!After all, what you 've been doing so far has not been successful, so what are your losses-especially those potential customers who have been silent for a while?Sales expert, President/founder of Engage sales solutions Colleen Francis, since 2001.
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