stand up video game machines Parenting Teenagers - Playing The Freedom Game And Winning

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
stand up video game machines Parenting Teenagers - Playing The Freedom Game And Winning
Do you have a teenager who asks for more freedom?You're not sure how much freedom you have during teens?Raising teenagers requires parents to take a thin line between boundaries and letting go.My third teenager and I would like to share some simple guidelines that can ease the anxiety of your parents and help make your family life more peaceful.--Know your teen.It is easy to say that everyone is different;It is difficult to describe these differences in detail.
teenagers less-If you take the time to get to know your teen seriously, your teen will react better to you.Yes, it's called relationship. its spelling is T-I-M-E.There is nothing new here.But are you going to do that?Have you established a lifelong relationship with your teenager?Here's a small test: Think about your two best friends.Calculate the time you spend each week on everyone, whether in person, on the phone or online.
How did the time you gave your child accumulate?Another worthwhile relationship test is to think about who knows you best in the world.Who will you trust when you have a problem?You want your kids to miss you like that.If you are not there, start building today.
--Freedom is a process.
Not an event.
Once you have an accurate understanding of your child, you can measure how mature he or she is.This will tell you a lot about the level of freedom your young people are prepared.If maturity is still young, give a limited amount of freedom.
Freedom to expect at each level.
Learn from failure.
Teenagers enter the adult world.
This is the way we grow and develop.
In the process, be a mentor for your teens (instead of being their best friend ).Support and encourage them;Look where they fail and work together to develop strategies for new solutions they can try.--Look ahead.In our home, we look forward to the future and projects when our teenagers are about to leave home.
It is usually the university era for us.
They need to be able to handle quite a bit of freedom (almost independent) when they leave home ).We then work backwards and start looking for ways to grow them into so much freedom step by step.Because all teenagers are different, we need to be flexible in "how" rather than "what.
We have a teenager who is always in front of us.He wants complete freedom.Therefore, we have established the boundaries (guidelines) that he must meet in order to gain the freedom he desires, one at a time.When he showed the responsibility needed to achieve these guidelines, we rewarded him with more freedom and explained the new boundaries at each level.
Our other teenage child needs to be coaxing to move forward.So we look for strategies that can increase his self.Confidence, let him look forward to excited.
The boundary was discussed and implemented again.He grew up quickly when he found himself in control of his future.We were just there to support, mentor and provide a safety net (and a lot of cheerleaders ).
Teenagers are an exciting journey and it will be very satisfying when you look at your young people mature and ready to face the world.As a parent, you are building the future through your influence on the lives of teenagers, and in ways that matter.When you face this glorious challenge, your child will respond to your leadership.
When you realize that you really have a good relationship with your teens
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