stand up video game machines Internet Trolls Beneath The Bridge - Where They Come From, and Should You Head Butt Them?

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
stand up video game machines Internet Trolls Beneath The Bridge - Where They Come From, and Should You Head Butt Them?
We didn't have the internet or even video games when I was a kid, so while it sounds primitive right now, it might make you nervous, we have to entertain ourselves with so called stories.Some stories are labeled as fairy tales;A genre that, though full of illusions, contains fable stories, intended to teach or teach universal truth.Some of these universal truths are hard to determine at the moment, but as we become adults and reach out to the same internet that makes those quaint, stupid, old fairy tales obsolete, these truths becomeNow, we learn our universal truths on Facebook by watching people eat or take vacations in restaurants, and we can't afford them in order to understand the cruel universal truths of my poverty and your poverty, or watch a huge video in which the German Shepherd takes a nap with a cute litter of kittens and bubbles in his mouth to learn the universal truth that we can easily eat but choose not to eat the tolerance of others.
This fairy tale is called the little goat.In Billy's goats, three goats ran out of the grass and had to cross the bridge in order to find a greener pasture.Today, in some states, coarse-haired goats only go to local pharmacies, but that's a tough time.
There lived an evil troll under the bridge.In the post-internet world, everyone knows what trolls are, but when I was a child, I remember scratching my head and couldn't imagine what trolls were, so I have to admit it must be a terrible thing.Anyway, the first two stupid goats wear across the bridge and tell the trolls that there is a bigger and tastier goat following them and they make a better meal to avoid being eatenAnyone, again.
Of course, I didn't realize it at the time.The Internet, before the Internet became a fan of the world, but this is just a better way to say that the goat lifted the relationship between the friends of the troll.How is this evil troll?A savage cannibal, on the top of the bridge, whose chest seemed so fearless, impassable and terrible, he was easily defeated?Should we really believe in this smarter, more sophisticated post-fairy world? The world is a man who bumps into the water, keeps him in the dark mud under the bridge, licks his wounds, gives up mountain lamb forever, and may become a vegetarian because of the experience of humiliation?I like to think that trolls drifted downstream and found another bridge with more gullible goats on one bridge that easily believed to be eaten by trolls to match theirThis is certainly the way the trolls we know today, they will not give up easily, many times because they are paid to eat Internet goats that are gullible, and will not because of trivial things, for example, to tell the truth, stick to the moral principle and give up losing their payday or respect their Internet users.
So this article explores the disturbing questions of where the trolls really come from, whether we should be afraid of them, whether we should spend our energy bumping them off our own internet bridge, or just walk over?Who is the troll? Where do they come from?A simple definition of the Internet troll by an outstanding scholar at Indiana University-...People who create discord on the Internet by causing arguments or annoying people...\ "Trolls are sure to be upsetting, but not all trolls are stirring a pot of lamb to stir the pot.
I have no doubt that some trolls are sincere. some trolls are really committed to the cause they are passionate about defending.A few people, or perhaps a trivial person, really want to guide the confused, confused and misleading in a more purely ideological direction;Bring vision to the blindYes, some trolls sincerely like to eat stewed sheep soup, although most civilized people twist our noses at the thought of such a nasty, unpleasant taste.
Some trolls are just computer-savvy teenagers who do what teenagers are best;Make everyone's life miserable.For example, the infamous 4 chan site has always been a gathering place for disgruntled but intelligent troll youths, if they have been doing their homework instead of disturbing people, they may run their own Silicon Valley technology company, rather than rolling in pain in their mother's basement.Many trolls ruthlessly aim at video games and, in some dark game dungeons, lead gullible and heavenly Real to destruction.
There are some trolls on the technical forum who deliberately provide false information to the network.People who are there for helpIn general, Internet fishing types classified by so-called experts in the field are 1.) Abusive and rude comments, 2.) Create controversial arguments, 3.) Absurd self-inflation and ego, 4.) Off-topic attacks, which means spamming with comments that are not related to the issue being discussed.
Many Internet users;People who often use chat rooms, online forums, Facebook topics, etc., Often plagued by the rapid and relentless frequency of internet trolls being able to respond to posts that conflict with their fanatical political beliefs.Do these people have a life?Do these people have jobs?-Participants in online discussions will ask themselves, confused about how these seemingly omnipotent, ubiquitous homeless people react so quickly to each opposite comment.
It turns out that many internet trolls do have jobs and jobs with stable salaries --One might say that if it weren't for the despicable, despicable source of that money.On June, on 2013, Edward Snowden, the contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA), released some copied documents that were disturbing, but it reveals how the US and British governments spy on the political views of their citizens;In many cases, by using your friendly neighbor trolls.Glenn Greenwald, media contact for Edward Snowden, reports.
..Ha!Just like there is any integrity on the Internet.In addition to the dubious, somewhat ridiculous mention of Internet integrity, the Snowden document addresses some legitimate concerns..According to alternet.Org, the movement of artificial turf is a ".
..This is an organization that imitates spontaneous grassroots mobilization, but it has actually been organized.In other words, let's say I wrote an article criticizing US military involvement in the Middle East.This has sparked a lot of comments questioning my patriotism, written by people who pretend to support US intervention in the region on the grounds that the United States is protecting the country by killing terrorists abroad.
If these critics are not really wobbling people, they firmly believe that the United States has the right to project its military power overseas, but to be paid by government agencies, or, perhaps a weapons manufacturer trying to sell weapons to the government, then this will be an example of astrology.Astrology, as a method, of course falls under the Greenwald standard mentioned above "...Control, infiltrate, manipulate, and distort cyber discourse.
By the way, Astroturf is a fake grass that used to be popular in sports facilities, and it may not be a coincidence that it brings us back to our billy goat rough story.Our innocent goat Gruff could conceivably chew and digest this false grass without immediately producing any obvious adverse effects, but in the long run this could result in toxic build-ups and illnessRegarding the "honey trap" troll technology mentioned above, I 've been wondering why so many Spice Girls are trying to make friends with me on Facebook.Fortunately, I am not a vain man, I have no feeling of exaggeration or deception in my appeal, from their profile, I am in my teens and twenties-A middle-aged man with no money.
Yes, in my own secret fantasy world, I still fantasize that I am a horse stud muffin, but come on --What kind of business will a lazy man like me who is eroded, gray and penniless have?Luckily, I didn't fall into the trap of honey but sold sex.The weakness of the meat makes honey capture effective, though most likely, trying to extort silence "honor" from those who may criticize the government and corporate policies is actually just bald men, breathing bad, use pictures of beautiful women as bait.Hillary Clinton and space explorationNot surprisingly, astrology is raising its ugly head during the 2016 US presidential election cycle.
While I'm pretty sure that all candidates go deep into the chest of the war, trying to win all the important social media battles, sometimes in a way that doesn't conform to morality, the media have had a particularly high number of allegations against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and this apparent pattern raises the question of whether her millions of loyal followers really exist, or are they just paying to create for her campaign machine?On the battlefield in Iowa, Hillary's critics claim that after the first "review" them to make sure they will ask the right softball questions, she sent the supporters to her rally in advance to shout the correct slogan and applaud when prompted.Her "casual" meetings and greetings with the people of the heart zone were allegedly staged from beginning to end.So-Twitter, known as "grassroots", has been mobilized to participate in "pro"Hillary's training course.
Her rival Bernie Sanders has been questioned at the event of black life issues (BLM) activists funded by billionaire George Soros, who is also an important supporter of the Clinton campaign.In her first presidential campaign in 2007Clinton was caught using the paid troll to comment on the blog site.Four or five such "grassroots" trolls were found under the same bridge;Within minutes, post from the same IP address as the Clinton campaign.
Trapped red-\"over-Helpful staff and volunteers.According to a Daily Mail report, there are 2 million out of Hillary's three.6 million Twitter fans are fake or inactive accounts.
Her official Facebook account has 685,000 fans, 46,000 of whom call Baghdad their home town.Hillary Clinton could not buy votes in Baghdad outside the United States.Those who want to know are hurt, but of course she can get all the likes and retweets she wants there.
Sale of Iraqi crude oil barrels by social media marketing companyLikers, composed of low-income workers, worked hard on the "click farm."$400 will buy 10,000 fans on the farm, $100 will buy 1,000 forwards, and $300 will get 10,000 Facebook likes.All of this is Hillary's old hat.In 2013, Clinton's State Department spent $630,000 on Facebook fans.
The US State Department is particularly popular in Cairo, Egypt.Your taxes are useful to you.Though Hillary Clinton may not be the ugly troll, thum on your internet bridge, with its furry, rough, tough breasts, trying to scare away your timid goat, she is definitely the queen of trolls hidden in the dark, directing activities, keeping warm for any wandering child, and may be lured to Billy or nanny belowFor more information on troll tactics, I should go-Butt?So, as it turns out, that little monster that's ugly and nastyThe person who has been following your every click and comment, bothers you in the damp foul water under your once pleasant network bridge, because it chews nutrition on the grass roots, after all, probably not really going out to find you.It may be that there is no personal relationship between you and it.
Your troll is just a lucky one to find and destroy the mission to dispose of the CEO, candidate or government agent who signed the salary requirement.The job of trolls is basically to scare you back.The troll wants you to be quiet.The troll's intention is not so much to discourage you from giving up your faith as to make you tired --Before making another post or blog post, let you think twice, which is the opposite of the world view payment.
The key to success as a troll is to shout out longer than others.The troll claims you are troubled by the lack of original thinking.Of course, the idea of trolls is determined by the views of journalists or talk show hosts, but trolls cite these borrowed ideas as if they were unique.
Trolls have a keen, hands-on way to shift your point of view;They often use the word "gainsay" to sound very smart, and it seems that they have completely broken your point of view without really doing so.For example, if you say "billionaires enjoy a huge taxpayer bailout", "Trolls may come back with something like that," but 45% of the bottom working class doesn't pay taxes."It doesn't really solve the problem of whether billionaires are being rescued and whether it's good or bad, but it has the effect of a tongue --Tie the opposition together as it is looking for a response to an issue that is not even on the board.
The trolls will soon label you a "liberal without humor", but will then resist any attempts at light exposure --Be kind-hearted, and joke with the color, and maybe believe that what you have is contagious, and it is best to keep the right distance.Trolls will quickly pounce on your fat finger spelling mistakes and could have been made on a small phone used by aging blurred eyes like me --And will advertise your misspelled words or accidental grammatical mistakes as proof of your complete stupidity and ignorance.The key to success in battle with trolls is not to succumb to it.
The mistake to avoid is the head-Hit that nasty troll off your bridge.Being unfriendly or not following trolls will make you look like a sissy, and reporting trolls to the website administration will also make you look like a sissy other than threatening or obscene postsDelete or chat-For trolls, the narrative is a small victory, giving them moral heights, because you obviously don't believe in freedom of speech, and in the fantasy world where trolls are deceived, it does soStand up and face the troll.Take the time to carefully analyze the words of the trolls and expose the logical fallacies they contain.
You are safe behind the anonymous Great Wall of the Internet.If it takes you three days to respond appropriately and subtly, take the time.This is not a face-to-face debate that requires immediate response.
Try making friends with trollsSometimes this reduces the amount of harmful smoke emitted from its deformed nostrils, or makes the ugly beast out of balance.Or simply ignore the troll, pretend it doesn't exist, and pretend that the foul you didn't see it left in your comment section.The troll is a bully.If you resist the punch and kick they boast about, they will eventually leave and look for easier goals.
Don't let them block your network.
bridge -The grass on the other side is delicious, refined green, and you have the right to graze where you want, free from hairy, smelly, sweaty, big mouth network --fiends
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