stand up video game machines How Dogs Communicate with Their Ears

by:BLEE     2019-07-10
stand up video game machines How Dogs Communicate with Their Ears
In addition to the talent of sound, the dog mainly communicates with the body, and the ear is the moving part, which can convey emotions very effectively.Unlike the flat and insignificant human ears that are usually hidden under the hair, the dog's ears are very prominent opposite, with long visible flaps on the biger dog, or there are erect spires on German shepherds.This is because dogs have double ears.Functionality: as an effective listening device and an interesting means of communication.
Of course, only the ears are part of the puzzle.By looking at the whole context and the body language that dogs accompany, we may get more information.Here are some examples of dogs using their ears to communicate emotions.
In this case, the ears remain in normal position.The ears of dogs with drooping ears will drop normally, and the ears of dogs with upright ears will not go forward or backward.The dog is indifferent to the activities around and relaxed.
Can't feel threatenedThe accompanying body is relaxed, the mouth is slightly open, and the normal pupil and tongue are exposed.In this case, the dog focuses on something.If interesting stimuli are in the front, their ears may stay forward, or they may twitch to capture any sound.
The accompanying body language is often a hint of alertness.Dogs may be ready to pounce, or simply take a "wait-and-see" approach when assessing what will happen next.The dog in the picture looked like he was hunting, and maybe something was found, his ears were looking forward and staring.
In this case, the ears are raised and the body of the dog is ready to start the action.The dog is playing with the bow pose, this is a yuanCommunicating that all of this is a sign of the game, nothing that happens next should be taken seriously.Pupils often expand, the mouth is usually open (although not in this photo), the tail is up and swinging around.
In this case, with the ears moving forward, the dog tilted his head a little as if to say, "What is that funny noise ?"?\".In this picture I make a noise with my mouth to get his attention, the noise makes my rotweiler Kaizer curious, so he leans his head, as if trying to find the source of the noise to learn more.When I said a word, he did the same. there was a word he was familiar with, as if he were saying, "Did you just say walk ?"?The stress of the dog may be manifested in many ways and may be caused by different triggers.
It may be triggered by social or environmental stimuli.In this case, the ears are also kept.In this photo, the ears remain behind, and the accompanying body language implies an anxious state of mind (tense body with lips pulling back ).Dogs are also often panting.This Belgian malinois may be stressed by the shock collar he wears, not a happy camper at all!In this case, the dog may be obedient and may be a little scared.
The ear is back and the tongue is out.
In this case, eye contact is usually short and tentative.If the pressure is high, the dog may leave a sweaty paw print.The dog may be scared by the camera and provide signs of submission as if trying to placate and avoid threats.
When a dog feels scared, his ears may pull back all the time, almost lying flat on his head.This effect is more obvious and noticeable in dogs with upright ears.It's almost like the dog is making sure the ears are not.
Take it from a possible threat.
This makes sense because the ear flap is very fragile overall and can easily be injured by another dog or animal.In the past, in order not to allow an opponent/predator to occupy a place, ear trimming was performed only for this purpose.In some countries, this practice is mainly cosmetic surgery and banned.
This photo shows two dogs that look terrible.Please note how the dog's ears on the left are kept flat, away from the damage.Squinting your ears in fear can also be triggered by a dog's desire to become smaller and almost invisible.
The tail between the legs, the lower body, may further confirm this wish.Of course, the body language accompanying these dogs in the picture also further confirms their psychological state of anxiety.The title of this photo is "reaction of evil vacuum" and apparently these two guys have a strong vacuum phobia.
They looked like they were caught off guard.The dog is wary of a situation and has a little doubt about what may happen.The ears may leave an ugly impression or spread sideways.
Dogs are often seen when they are unsure about the unfolding situation.Depending on what happens next, this can turn into aggression or fear.Notice the guy's eyes are white and his mouth is a little nervous.
, "C"-shaped mouth and stiff body, stiff tail, may vibrate left and right.These signs often appear on confident dogs, and they can attack if challenged.When you face a defense threat, you may see the ears pull back, the pupil is enlarged, the hammer is raised, the lips are slightly curled, the teeth can be seen, the nose is wrinkled, the body is lowered, the tail isThe dog was scared and could attack if it was crushed or gone.
Do you know that the dog's ears consist of at least 18 muscles?This is interesting because these muscles are responsible for tilting, spinning, turning down and turning up the ears.The movement of these ears is important, so dogs can detect the source of sound, as mentioned earlier, to communicate emotions.Do you also know that dogs can move their ears independently?Dogs are amazing creatures!Not many people know how sensitive the dog's ears are.
The dog heard the noise high up.
Frequency level.
That means dogs can detect annoying sounds that we humans don't know.Did you know that innocent, common household items such as televisions, digital music players, video games, washing machines and dryers can cause indoor ultrasonic noise pollution detected by dogs?.Some food worth thinking about!The dog's ear canal is not the easiest to check and clean.
In fact, the shape of the ear canal is like "L", making it easy for dogs to have annoying ear problems.Did you know that puppies are classified as natural species, which means they are born helpless, deaf and blind?Did you know?The dog's ears have different shapes and sizes.Interestingly, in some cases, the shape of the ear helps the dog to do what they selectively raise.
For example, according to Bruce Fogel, the long ears and drooping lips of the bigg dog may be built like this, which helps to capture the smell near the nose.Here are some types of ear shapes.Of course, the shape of the ear affects the ability of the dog to communicate and the ability of us to read their emotions.The most common ear types of dogs are upright, pointed ear types, which can be seen in many northern varieties, such as husky, sayyers, and malagutes.
You can also enjoy them in the singing dogs of German shepherds, basengi, dingo and New Guinea..So, do not be fooled by the ears of many Dubin dogs, big Danes, boxers and Bulldogs;These varieties are not born with those upright and pointed ears!Also called roundThese ears are upright, but they are not sharp but round due to selective reproduction.You can enjoy this ear shape in French bulldog and Chow star Chi.
When the ears are upright, large and almost out of proportion compared to the head, they are called bat ears.These ears are typical in both colgis and Chihuahua.Semi-These ears seem to be somewhere between the upright and the drooping ears.
The ears are basically upright, but bent at the top.When the ears remain natural and unnatural, these ears usually appear on the rough Shepherd, border Shepherd and Bulldogcropped.In this case, the ears are a little halfBut the skin folds long, and finally covers a large part of the ear, covering the ear canal.
The name stems from the fact that the ears are a bit like the button area on the shirt pocket.Jack Parsons and fox terriers, for example.Yes, they;Cute like a button ~!Can not ignore ears in fallingDogs with ears, they just simply hang down.
Among the many changes brought about by domestication to dogs, there is a drooping ear.Interesting reading.When you think of putting your ears down, the first dog you think of is a hound.The ears are drooping and flat.These are drooping ears, but not as flat as the falling ones, they have different folds and a lot of suspension.
You will see this ear on the Bloodhound.
This type of ear clearly exists only in one breed: the Bedington terrier.You definitely can't confuse this breed with another one because it's so unique!In this case, the ears are mostly upright, but the skin folds back.The name comes from the fact that folds form things that look like petals forming roses.
You will see this ear on Greyhound, Nighthawk and Bulldog."What is the shape of your dog's ear?
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